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November 23, 2013 November 23, 2013

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I haven’t been able to post for a few days because I’ve been busy with volunteer activities. I did finish another new ATC for my Christmas gift giving.  As you may know I love geraniums and paint them often. This was my second ATC painted with acrylic paints, a medium I don’t frequently use. I decided to paint red geraniums because my pots are filled with them every summer. I haven’t decided whether to glaze matte medium over the top. The surface is  a little too shiny for my taste. Hope these take you back to warmer weather!

Red Geraniums 2013 - ATC

Red Geraniums 2013 – ATC


September 21, 2011 September 24, 2011

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Happy fall to all of you! I know I am a little late. That’s the story of my life right now. If you’re confused by the titles of my blog, let me explain. The title at the top is the date that I completed the piece of art, activity or exercise included in the post. That’s why you may find a post titled “June” in my July archive. Just thought I would clear that up if you’ve ever wondered…

Here’s a new ATC and I am again celebrating the glorious geranium. During this horrible, hot, killing summer they were the only flowers that I could keep alive in a flower pot. They required daily watering – occasionally twice a day – but they made it through and are in profuse bloom. Vive la Geranium!

Pink Geranium - ATC

This is watercolor and I again flocused on painting shapes rather than individual petals. This morning I started two new ATC’s. I put down a watercolor underpainting and am going to do a teeny-tiny Chemo series painting (Yikes – should be interesting!) and do another geranium but this time using some pastel pencils I bought on close out at United Arts & Education. I’ve never worked with pastels and am using watercolor paper so WE WILL SEE…


September 17, 2011 September 21, 2011

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I am trying to build up my stock of ATC’s so I have enough to give my rather large family at Christmastime. My latest subject is flowers and particularly geraniums. I’ve been walking around my yard with my camera shotting marigolds, geraniums, zinnas, tomatoes, anything that looks interesting. I’ve switched back to watercolor and am trying to paint shapes rather than individual petals. So far, so good.

Red Geranium - ATC

I do not normally do an underpainting for the ATC’s but in this case I did. It turned out pretty well…much better than a plain white background.


July 4, 2010 July 5, 2010

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Happy 4th of July! I hope all of USA’ers had a fireworks fourth full of family, food and friends.

I want to thank everyone that offered a critique of my painting of geraniums. I appreciate your generosity and helpful spirit.  Universally the problem stated was value.  I believe 100% of you mentioned that. (And frankly I think I knew that but there are times when I seem to lose my confidence.) I have been working on the painting and think I have taken it as far as I can. I am on the precipice and if I do more I think my vibrant color will become MUD! YUCK!!#@! In my opinion the painting is much better than it was and this experience has reinforced (AGAIN) a couple of things for me. First I need to do a couple of sketches before I start. They may be small thumbnails but I need to check the composition and values. I can be impatient and too spontaneous and it always gets me into trouble. Also in most cases I need some sort of reference even if I am not painting directly from it. Light hitting geraniums would have been nice in this case. And value, value, value. Seems pretty basic, right?  Anyway thank you all. I appreciate your support. Here she is:

Geraniums in a Pot


July 1, 2010 July 2, 2010

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I need your help! I feel like I am stuck right now splashing paint. I painted this yesterday. I love Geraniums and one of my first paintings in 2007 was of geraniums and white verbena. I painted this yesterday with no reference and I did not do a drawing. I had the drawing in my head and “saw” my finished painting. As I worked I did think about the comment Leslie made recently about using one continuous line to make her drawing. I tried to make the red of the geraniums make a continuous whole (not always possible) so the red would lead your eye around the painting.  Now, like I said I feel like I am stuck and not making much improvement at the moment. I want to invite you to critique my work. Do not be kind. I need the information. I am not in any class right now so I am turning to my blogging friends. Just a note – I worked and worked but the color is slightly off – particularly the pot is more balanced with the rest of the painting than it looks – a little brighter and deeper valued. You are all so generous and talented I hope you will help me. You WILL NOT hurt my feelings and any thoughts are appreciated!!!!!

The Geranium Pot