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October 25, 2016 October 25, 2016

I am posting a second sketch I did at the Women’s Rejuvenation Retreat set up by RoadScholar at the Land of Medicine Buddha Center. We were near the town of Capitola on Monterrey Bay and were surrounded by giant redwood trees. It was a beautiful, serene, fragrant, peaceful environment. I have always loved seeing prayer flags moving in the breeze and visualize prayers for peace, health and happiness being sent out to those that need them. There were prayer flags adding color to the greens and burnt siennas of the redwoods throughout the site. This view greeted us as we arrived and said good morning to me as I started each day. May it bring you a sense of peace and well being.



October 17, 2016 October 17, 2016

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I have been out for a little rest and relaxation. I spent the last week in the San Francisco area and had so much fun. My middle daughter and my oldest granddaughter went with me. Three generations wandering the streets of San Fran munching, looking, wondering. We spent three nights in the city and then went to a Road Scholar “Womens Rejuvenation Retreat” in the redwood forest above Monterrey Bay. We were at the Land of Medicine Buddha Retreat Center and it was a wonderful experience. Qi Gong, meditation, vegetarian meals, aromatherapy, reflexology, herbs for healing…wow, I can’t wait to go through all my notes!

At the Center I finally had time to do some painting. I used a 6″ X 9″ block of Canson Montval watercolor paper and my little 8 pan set of Yarka watercolors (my kiddie colors) to paint this view of a path through the redwood forest. I hope it takes you to the peace I felt.



October 2, 2016 October 3, 2016

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I am just a little slow. After my last post I had to think about what I was doing. The pages in my Stained Glass pattern book are very hard and slick and nonabsorbent. Not the best for watercolor. For this work I laid down a layer of colored pencil, then watercolor, then more colored pencil and then more watercolor.




I picked this pattern because I walk my dog, Baxter, at Ft Benjamin Harrison State Park every morning. The forest is still largely green (I overload on green during the Indiana summers!) but there was a lovely gold and coral sunrise and the early sun hitting the tops of the trees gave them a glow. I tried to capture several shades of green, the blue sky and the drying grasses and undergrowth. I am still fiddling and diddling but am about ready to get serious!