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June 27, 2010 June 28, 2010

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June 25th was my birthday so, to celebrate, Ken took me to the Eiteljorg Indian Market and Festival on Saturday. I have always wanted to go and it was a great event. They had 135 Native Indian artists and craftsmen, continual Native American entertainment (with an educational component) and cultural speakers. For years I have looked at the fetishes in the gift shop at the Eiteljorg. They are so beautiful and have powerful connotations and symbology. For a Native American they are part of their religion. For a collector they claim no religious significance.  Ken bought me a bear fetish and I love it.

Bear Fitish with Heartline

I feel like the power comes from me and the characteristics I take from it. It is made from Picasso Marble found only in Southwestern Utah, has an arrow shaped Prayer Bundle embellished with beads and feathers and an inlaid turquoise heart-line. The bundle beads and feathers are intended to nourish the fetish. The fetish was carved by contemporary stone carver Joseph Begay. I wanted to share my feelings about this little item with you so I painted an ATC.

Bear Fetish

I did this ATC with watercolor pencil and put on a final layer of watercolor paint.

The Bear fetish is the guardian of the West and has the power to heal and transform human passions into true wisdom. Bear is invaluable whenever you are faced with change and transition by reminding us that by turning to solitude and introspection we unleash the power we all have within. Through this power we gain wisdom.


June 25, 2010 June 26, 2010

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Yesterday was my birthday – not one of the big milestone ones and as I get older they just blend into any other day. My grandsons visited and swimming was the major activity but we also talked about our next art project. They couldn’t quite “get it” so while they were in the pool I made this sample with watercolor markers.

Art Exercise 2

As you may have heard (ok MANY times) I love geometry so I had to incorporate a little of that and the feather is inspired by my friend Wric (visit his blog by clicking on 19 Planets in my Blogroll) who has been doing fun things with feathers. We decided this was a little too complicated for them so the next time they are out we are going to create a simpler version of the same thing. It was so much fun!


June 24, 2010 June 25, 2010

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Color! Color! Color! You know how I am always talking about color? I decided to take a couple of my older paintings and to repaint them. To start I chose a painting that I did in late 2008. It is a painting of castle ruins in the Scottish Highlands that has always looked dull to me – all muted browns and grays with almost no color. Well in response I think I binged on color! I spent the last two days trying to tone down the color without ruining the painting. Not quite sure if I’m done tinkering even now.

Stormin' the Ruins


June 23, 2010 June 24, 2010

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The Watercolor Society of Indiana has their member’s show hanging in the lobby at the One America Tower in Indianapolis. Yesterday I was on duty to talk with visitors and answer questions for three hours. During that time I created three more gift bags, this time in black & gray. This was really fun!

Gift Bag 6

Gift Bag 4

Gift bag 5


June 22, 2010 June 23, 2010

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My oldest Grandson is getting married in early August and my youngest daughter is hosting a shower for his future bride in July. She has been watching my blog and asked me if I would decorate some gift bags with a plum blossom sumi-e.

Gift Bag 1

I just finished three gift bags as a trial run. I did not use true sumi-e because I am afraid that the gift bags will not absorb the ink or watercolor like they should. For these I used markers – sharpies and others.

Gift Bag 2

Gift Bag 3

For these bags I used snippets of the design on the napkins, paper plates and hand towels I found. They are cherry blossom rather than plum but I don’t think this will matter. From here on out I am freehanding it and I may also try some done in black and gray like an ink painting. Hope she likes them.


June 21, 2010 June 21, 2010

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It is time to post my response to Richard McNaughton’s Summer Challenge. The subject is lighthouses and the one I painted is pretty unusual – in my limited experience anyway. Not many lighthouses in Indiana! This lighthouse is in Grand Haven, Michigan. This city has a long pier lined with lights and it has two lighthouses – a short one at the end of the pier and a tall, “middle” lighthouse in the middle of the pier. I hope you enjoy!

Grand Haven, Michigan Lighthouse

Richard, thank you for issuing the summer challenge!


June 20, 2010

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My grandsons stayed with me this weekend and we did an artsy activity. My youngest grandson wanted to use my studio to do a “private” painting. HMMM?  Was I surprised when his painting was The Elements. He made a painting that was typical for a young person but was really good for his age and ability. This provided an opportunity for me to do a little teaching about design. We talked about how you want to add interest to a painting through variety, first having spaces that are of different sizes and using things in odd numbers rather than even numbers. We all sat together and did a new painting, actually a drawing with markers and colored pencils, and talked about these points again and again while I gave examples as we worked. I wish I had time to photograph their work but they wanted to rush home and show Mom. Here is my effort.

The Elements

The left edge is cut off – the lower section is Earth – but you get the idea. This was fun and I will find out this Friday when they visit again if they remember what we discussed. By the way, I didn’t realize light and dark were elements. Is this right?

I have been rather discouraged recently because I have only been able to spend time on art three or four days a week. I have not been working in the evening or even at the art museum where I was doing sketching and colored pencil drawings earlier this year. Last night I gave myself a pep talk and got out my little sketchbook.  I have been thinking about doing a drawing based on the phrase “Something evil this way comes” so I did a little drawing to see what I could come up with

Preliminary Drawing - Something Evil This Way Comes

I thought this approach was OK but I will probably switch to a frontal view. I like the eyes looking up. The features are all made up and this is not based on a photo or anyone I know. Gives me more freedom!

My lighthouse painting is finished and I will post it later today!


June 14, 2010 June 14, 2010

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I love to walk at Ft Benjamin Harrison State Park, belong to several nature and conservation organizations and love all parts of our natural environment – animals, flowers, trees, BIRDS. Recently I found a fascinating photo of the red cockaded woodpeckers that live in the long needle pine forests in the American South. They are black and brown but their markings make them quite beautiful and believe it or not they have only a tiny strip of red on the side of the head. I thought this might be a good project to try to work out with my trusty gray markers. The photo was my starting point but I heavily modified the composition and used my Birding Guide to understand anatomy and markings. The sketch became a drawing so I will probably not paint it. I really like the effects you can achieve with these markers.

Red Cockaded Woodpecker


June 8, 2010 June 9, 2010

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My fascination with squares continues…a couple of months ago I read an article about an exhibit of paintings by Lee Krasner. This is a special exhibit of paintings she did after she and Jackson Pollock moved into the house that became the Pollock-Krasner House Museum. Pollock had a large space but the space allotted to Krasner was small. In this space Krasner did her early and possibly her best abstract expressionist paintings. They were a series called the Little Images. They are thouht of as small and jewel-like. My favorite is Shellflower which is bursting with color, light and excitement. When I read this article I found out that she had painted a Little Image called White Squares in 1948. It is in the Whitney Museum in NYC. This, of course, got me thinking about how I would paint white squares. I saw them as bright, full of light and flickering pastel color. When I saw an image of Krasners’s painting I was disappointed. It is hard edged and complex when I think of squares and geometry as simple, straightforward and clean. Anyway, I finally put my thoughts down in a painting. My painting is titled 30 White Squares.

30 White Squares

I am not sure if it is complete yet but itis very close. This painting is acrylic on yupo paper and measures 20″ X 24″.


June 7, 2010 June 8, 2010

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Yesterday was a lovely slow day. I have almost nothing on my calendar this week and my knee and back are healing nicely. First I wanted to show you my “enhanced” painting of the purple iris. I think the painting has more energy and depth. I am too timid with color sometimes! But

"Enhanced" Purple Iris

I learn a lot every time I try to enhance a painting I thought was complete (sometimes I “learn” how to make mudpies!)

Yesterday I spend several hours practicing the Zhuan Script. Zhuan is important to the history of Chinese manuscripts and is in the middle between pictographs and modern scripts. (9th century to 2nd century BCE) Characters are generally upright, level and straight. Below is the character for Holy. My proportions are a little off. Grab the top and the bottom and stretch it and you will have it.

"Holy" Zhuan Script

Fish - Zhuan Script

Sky and Horse - Zhuan Script

In this script I found the characters for the names of animals to be really interesting because they are so similar visually to the real thing. And I think the symbol for Sky leads you right into their way of thinking about their environment. Fun! I am learning new strokes with each script so this is really good practice.