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April 29, 2015 April 30, 2015

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While my collarbone was healing I worked on one of my  abstract paintings. I have thinking about color theory and trying to create abstract paintings that use primary and secondary color schemes. For this painting I used yellow, green and blue. It turned out pretty well but I haven’t decided if I like the granulated areas. The wheels are turning!

Harmony in Yellow, Green and Blue

Harmony in Yellow, Green and Blue


April 24, 2015 April 25, 2015

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Again I have been Missing In Action. On January 29, 2015 I broke my collarbone. It was a bad break and was in an area that is slow to heal. I’ve had problem with painful muscle cramps that ran all the way from my hand to my neck. It has been a tough time. I am just about ready to return to normal life and hope to be released by my orthopedic physician on May 5th.

I have been coaching a friend of mine who thinks she is not very artistic. The artist Mordecai Rosenstein was artist-in-residence at her temple and gave away these drawings to members of the congregation.Rosenstein Drawing

My friend really wanted to do a painting of this drawing (she owns a Rosenstein print and an original) so I transferred the drawing to watercolor paper and set her up with paints and brushes. She first used markers to do a color study.Color Study - Rosenstein

We talked about some problems like the very dark center and she used colored pencils and a smaller copy to make adjustments. I like the above study because you can see her notes and samples around the edge of the paper. Here’s round 2.Color Study 2 - Rosenstein

Then she started painting. It took several weeks but it is finally finished and it was so much fun to do together. A real work of friendship. It is good to be back!

Rosenstein - Final

Rosenstein – Final