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December 28, 2010 December 29, 2010

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I finally started the painting I wanted to do of the three red tulips. I did not get very far (our waterheater had to be replaced this week!) but I have completed the background and am happy with the darkness and drama of it.

Three Red Tulips - Step 1

I used Frisket Masking Film to mask the flowers. I like this technique if the shape is simple. It lets me really lay down my darks. I am very timid without the safety the film provides. Something to work on!


December 27, 2010 December 28, 2010

gbc Gallery Show, November and December, 2010

gbc Gallery Show

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone. I hope your holiday was safe, enjoyable and that we were warm and cozy if you were caught in the blizzard that hit the east coast. Today is my husband’s birthday so  (once again) I will not have much time to paint. But I do have something to share.

I finally have a few photos of my solo show to post . I have 40 paintings in the show and they range from realistic to abstract and include drawings in ink and charcoal and paintings in watercolor and acrylic. There is even a little use of pastel thrown in.

gbc Gallery Show

gbc Gallery Show

The show ends this weekend so I wanted to post some of my photos for you to see before it ended. This has been an excellent opportunity for me to obtain feedback and I believe I may have sold  three or four paintings. The three little black and white paintings have sold as a group and one of my little florals has probably sold.

gbc Gallery Show


December 23, 2010 December 23, 2010

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Gingerbread Houses and more! I thought I would show you some work done by one of my daughter’s. Kim is a pastry chef extraordinaire. She works for Notre Dame University and the chefs routinely support charity fund-raising during the holiday season. Kim created two gingerbread houses this year. I think both look like watercolor paintings – Hmmm – could be inspiration! The first Charlie Brown House was done for a silent auction. Very true to Charlie Brown and his little tree.

Charlie Brown Gingerbread House

The second house (IMO) is exceptionally beautiful. She made a book shaped house and the underside is the cover of the famous Night Before Christmas book that we all know.

Twas The Night Before Christmas in Gingerbread

We are a gingerbread house family. One of my other daughters made a gingerbread house and used it as the centerpiece for her holiday cookie exchange. Her kiddos have already started eating the decorations off it so no pix. It was a real treat for the eye.

I hope these photos make your Christmas Merry!


December 18, 2010 December 19, 2010

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When I posted my “Sentinel” pieces Leslie asked me if I had anymore good stuff tucked away.  I have talked so much about my interest in geometry this year that I thought I would show Geometry #1. This painting was done in 2008 and was my original attempt to incorporate geometry into my art.  You can see the curves and lines, circles and trapezoids.  I donated this painting to our local PBS station for their silent auction and received a wonderful note from the person that bought it. It now hangs in her office at the home of Indiana Historic Preservation. When I look at it I think of spinning planets or an overflowing treasure chest full of gold and colorful jewels.

Geometry #1 , 12" X 16" on Illustration Board



December 15, 2010 December 15, 2010

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Well last night it was chateaubriand and champagne for our 19th wedding anniversary. Ken fixed the 2 pound fillet and it was tender and stunningly good. I fixed spring vegetable risotto and roasted vegetable salad. The champagne was really sparking wine (sekt) from Germany in honor of the six months we lived in Heidelberg. We just stayed in and smiled that we were smart enough to stay at home avoiding the frigid cold. I wanted to share the celebration with my blogging friends so here are a couple of photos for you. We have been in love for 35 years and married for 19. (We took a ten year “time out” after the first two years.) We were secretly married on a Saturday morning. That evening we hosted a huge party to celebrate our first Christmas in our new house. When Ken announced that Purdue had given me my BS degree and he had given me my Mrs degree, my mother started the celebration. Don’t we look smug?

Night of Our Wedding

This next photo taken when we visited Savannah a few weeks ago shows the wear and tear – ok, it was hot! it was humid! – and is the most recent I have.  I wish you all the happiness, friendship and fun we have enjoyed together over the years.

19 Years Later


December 14, 2010 December 14, 2010

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Today is my 19th wedding anniversary and Ken and I are going to plan our day. The weather is frigid and the wind is gusting…hmm dinner by a fire maybe? We’ll see.

Recently Leslie and Stephen have both posted paintings about Sentinels that offer a view of nature’s sentinels. I have always seen trees – usually large, old ones – and associated them with human strength and fortitude, kind of the best of human characteristics. I have done two works over the last few years called The Sentinel so I thought I would share them.

The Sentinel 12" X 16" Transparent Watercolor 140# Arches


This painting was done in 2007 shortly after I started painting. It is a sycamore that stands at the bottom of the sledding hill at Ft Benjamin Harrison State Park in Indianapolis. It has always struck me as a tree that is watchful and protective. This is my third attempt to paint the tree in order to capture its strength and grandeur. You don’t want to see the others!

The Sentinel #2 15" X 22" Watercolor and Charcoal on Rive Paper


Sentinel #2 is a work I started in a workshop given by Peggy Brown in 2008. We soaked Rive Printmaking paper in water and then shaved vine charcoal onto the wet paper. When you let the paper dry, the charcoal acts like watercolor and doesn’t rub off the paper. You then look at your gray design and decide what to do next. I drew what I hoped was a strong, bold tree limb from an ancient tree. I wanted to communicate a feeling of history, strength and watchfulness. After I rapidly drew the limb using charcoal, I used watercolor to add interest and texture.




December 10, 2010 December 12, 2010

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Last Wednesday night Ken and I attended the Holiday Celebration held by the Southside Art League of Indianapolis (SALI). Great food, absolutely wonderful and frequently hilarious conversation and an artist art swap. We were all supposed to bring a 5″ X 7″ unframed piece of art. Each artist selected a wrapped artwork and I was very pleased with the artwork I selected. It is titled Three Red Tulips and is an 8″ X 10″ oil painting by Stanley Austin. Stan said this is the only floral he has ever painted so I was surprised it found its way to me. I hope you enjoy his beautiful painting as much as I have. I think I may try it in watercolor – simple, soft and cropped close. Thank you, Stan!

Three Red Tulips by Stanley L Austin


December 7, 2010 December 7, 2010

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This is my 150th post and I want to celebrate by thanking all of my visitors and fellow bloggers. It is your ability to share, inspire and empower me that made this a year of growth and happiness for me. This post is later than I planned because I wanted to create a wonderful painting to share. It has been a struggle and because of one of my choices you cannot see the painting in the way that I do. But I jump ahead!

I wanted to make a painting that was full of color and excitement but I did not want the dark drama of some of my recent “splish-splash” paintings. I remembered something I started in 2007 right after I started painting. I was taking a class from Sandy Ezell in Experimental Watercolor. She had us use a large piece of illustration board to which we collaged wet Massa paper for texture. We then dropped in colors to start creating a spring forest scene. I was overwhelmed and didn’t have a clue where I was going or what to do next so I put it away. It has been hidden away for three years but I remembered that it had nice pastel colors and decided that it might provide a good foundation for an abstract painting.

Crescent Illustration Board, Massa Paper and Watercolor

To start my abstract I diluted purple, scarlet, lilac and blue heavy body acrylics so they were transparent and could be poured. This photo was taken after two pours. I poured through napkins, paper towels and kleenex but didn’t get much added texture because the Massa provided so much.

After this I dropped in dark purple and let it run to create a pattern I could use to build an abstract composition. I also did some brush work. You can also see my big mistake. I painted some sections with iridescent pearl acrylic ink! In person this does not look bad and does not stand out. BUT IT REALLY POPS OUT IN THE PHOTOS! Try to imagine….

Collage after Drips

I developed this and finished my abstract but…

Abstract Collage

my husband didn’t like it and I didn’t like the arm/wing-like elements in the top half of the painting. So I looked at the painting for patterns and thought I saw the outline of a headland on the right side of the painting. To make a long story short I used Japanese papers to cover and restructure the composition of the painting. My painting is now finished (are any of my paintings ever finished?). This painting was ultimately inspired by the beautiful structure of a Hawaiian headland, brightened by the sun and colored by the foliage of these gentle, peaceful islands.

Hawaiian Headland Collage

My “just for fun” question for you – which do you like better? Abstract or more realistic painting? More importantly this is my thank you to all of you who have been on this journey with me.  On to tomorrow!