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April 8, 2019 April 8, 2019

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Spring is busting out all over Indiana and I have been driven to think about women “in bloom”. I was inspired by a makeup ad in “O” magazine. The background in these notecards came from the ad. It shows women in “bloom”…women of all races, ages and types. I wanted to use these really remarkable pages to create cards dedicated to strong women. When creating my first card, I focused on FUN. I wanted the card to have a light-hearted spirit and to make you laugh. Strong women can laugh at themselves after all, in fact, nothing shows strength more. I hope it gives you a giggle.

With my second card I wanted to add a soft touch but combined with strength. Kind of the yin and yang of the modern woman. I think the images work well together and I love the soft, gentle colors.


September 21, 2011 September 24, 2011

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Happy fall to all of you! I know I am a little late. That’s the story of my life right now. If you’re confused by the titles of my blog, let me explain. The title at the top is the date that I completed the piece of art, activity or exercise included in the post. That’s why you may find a post titled “June” in my July archive. Just thought I would clear that up if you’ve ever wondered…

Here’s a new ATC and I am again celebrating the glorious geranium. During this horrible, hot, killing summer they were the only flowers that I could keep alive in a flower pot. They required daily watering – occasionally twice a day – but they made it through and are in profuse bloom. Vive la Geranium!

Pink Geranium - ATC

This is watercolor and I again flocused on painting shapes rather than individual petals. This morning I started two new ATC’s. I put down a watercolor underpainting and am going to do a teeny-tiny Chemo series painting (Yikes – should be interesting!) and do another geranium but this time using some pastel pencils I bought on close out at United Arts & Education. I’ve never worked with pastels and am using watercolor paper so WE WILL SEE…


April 27, 2010 April 28, 2010

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Last  night I was a multi-tasker to the MAX. I watched NCIS, Dancing with the Stars and painted a new ATC…all at the same time! This little painting is of my absolutely favorite blooming tree, the pink dogwood. I fell in love with the color of these blossoms when I was very young. A neightbor had a large, old dogwood that was covered with large pink blooms every Spring.  In my young eyes it was a thing of beauty. It was magnifcent! Today, in my neighborhood in Indianapolis there is a fungus that kills dogwood trees. I have tried to start a dogwood tree and after three failed attempts I have given up. Luckily there are several robust, older trees nearby that I can still enjoy.

Pink Dogwood - ATC

Again, this was done primarily with my new watercolor crayons with a little watercolor pencil trown in.