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April 18, 2019 April 18, 2019

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During my time in Great Britain I visited York. I fell in love with the city. It is easy to walk, has loads of wonderful restaurants and a diverse group of fascinating museums. I knew I was in “Linda country” when the first restaurant I found was the Chocolate Cafe (best hot chocolate I’ve ever had!) York also had wonderful theater and I saw a whimsical, musical version of the Secret Garden. I was also lucky enough to find that York was the summer home of the “pop-up” Shakespeare Festival. I saw an incredible version of Mid-Summer Night’s Dream. In fact there was so much to do and see in York that I had very little time for sketching. I did take one blowy afternoon to do a couple of quick sketches.


November 18, 2017 November 18, 2017

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Earlier this week I posted an acrylic painting that I mentioned might not be complete…well it wasn’t. I have looked and painted and looked and painted. The additions are very small and minor but I think they make a better painting. I am to the point that I think one more change might push it over the edge. I’ve told myself ENOUGH! Here is my revised painting.



Abstract 2017 - L2 revised






January 7, 2015 January 8, 2015

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When we were at Gulf Shores we would sit around a large table and talk. People would come and go. We had the large sliding doors open and the waves were providing soothing background sounds. I used these sessions to work on a BIG doodle. I took a 12 color set of markers and just “went to town”. I worked on this piece for five or six days and just finished filling the space the day before we left for home. I wanted something fun, cheerful and colorful. I hope you enjoy my rather rambling doodle!

Gulf Shores Doodles 012015

Gulf Shores Doodles 012015


November 9, 2014 November 10, 2014

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Tomorrow, along with another docent at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, I am doing a Printmaking Workshop for our Asian Core docents. Marni, my fellow docent, introduced me to gadget prints and I spent yesterday afternoon learning how to do them. Basically, you scavenge your home and garage for “gadgets” that have a nice shape and a sturdy composition so they can be hammered to make an imprint. I found that using styrofoam plates for my printing plate worked well. I could cut them into rectangles on my paper cutter and they are very soft and take an imprint easily. I made two different plates. The below photo shows my two plates after they were inked and their corresponding prints. I learned I could also draw on the plates using a wooden skewer as a stylus. The lighter work had watered down ink so it is not as dark. I learned a lot and like the print with circles (you know me – of course I like circles!) Anyway, this was easy and fun. I’m going to do more with my grandchildren. Enjoy!

Gadget Prints


November 5, 2014 November 5, 2014

I have been doing a lot of painting in my head recently (too bad I have not been painting in my studio!). Recently both the Artist’s magazine and Watercolor magazine had articles about Judi Betts and her approach to bringing life to mid-value paintings. I took a workshop from Judi several years ago and was familiar with her approach to underpainting. She starts with color blocks in complementary values and then, using the same complementary hues, builds up her paintings. I decided to try a small painting and started with an underpainting of red/green and blue/orange to do a painting called The Elder. I couldn’t work my way through this approach to a finished painting but I did continue to work in a more traditional and realistic way. The painting was very tight and lifeless until I started painting fast and loose. That was my learning.

The result was this painting inspired by a photograph in Smithsonian magazine:

The Elder

The Elder


January 8, 2013 January 8, 2013

Happy New Year to everyone! As you probably realize, I have been on hiatus. During November I was chairman for a 125 person, 17 vendor luncheon and bazaar for the Association of International Women and during November and December I was touring at the Indianapolis Museum of Art at about 5X our normal rate. Usually we do 1-2 tours per month and I was doing 8 or 9 tours each month. The museum is built on an estate that was owned by a member of the Eli Lilly family (as in Lilly pharmaceuticals). When the Art Association of Indianapolis needed a home for a new museum in the late 1960’s the estate was donated by the Lilly family. The original home is now a national historic landmark and the museum’s largest work of art. The family donated the home with most of the furniture and decorative arts on the first floor in place so we have a unique and special situation. The home is always decorated for the holidays with designs from 1920-1940. It is very popular and quite beautiful. We had huge crowds this year and I am always glad to see so much interest in something so historically important to the area. If you’re interested in learning more click here .

I wanted to share a photo of the Best in Show for the Watercolor Society of Indiana’s Juried Show. The painting is a watercolor collage done by Peggy Brown.

Peggy Brown - WSI Juried Show Winner

Peggy Brown – WSI Juried Show Winner

I took a workshop from Peggy several years ago and she is universally respected and admired. The link to her website is in my blogroll. Peggy has a very unusual process that she also uses to create marvelous art quilts.   I hope you will check it out.

Wishing everyone a great Tuesday, happy New Year and success in 2013.



May 31, 2011 June 4, 2011

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Yikes! I recently realized that I did not have a single new drawing that I could enter in The Indiana State Fair fine art competition. The fair is near and dear to my heart because I was a long time 4-Her in my youth, because the people that run the fine arts area are incredibly nice and because I sold a drawing and a painting two years ago. Over 100,000 people tour the fine arts building. What an oppotunity to have your work seen!

While I was doing research for my American Modernism tour I became familiar with the B&W cloud photographs of Alfred Stieglitz (primarily titled Equivalents). During summers at his family home on Lake George, Stieglitz would go “a-skying” and that’s when he took most of these photos. They are beautiful and very special and after his death O’Keefe gave 19 of them to the Phillips Gallery in Washington DC. Duncan Phillips had been trying to buy them for years. I found the photos in the catalog for a show called In the American Grain: Marin, O’Keefe, Dove, Hartley & Steiglitz at the Phillips. I decided to see if I could draw clouds with graphite. My first drawing included a sunset – very hard to work with in graphite, dumb me – and was a mess but my second drawing came out better. It’s just a start and I may have to divert to get something ready for the fair but this is challenging and a great oppotunity for me to learn.