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January 30, 2011 January 31, 2011

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Very productive day yesterday and loads of fun. I took on my third EDM challenge. I used a purse that has been my favorite for years. It was just semi-retired when my husband got me a multi-pocket, cross body purse from the National Geographic Catalog for Christmas…organized and hands-free…wahoo! Love the new purse but I am holding onto the old one. It is from Talbot’s, very flexible and also has a few pockets. I had to think about giving it a rest because somehow it got a smudge of white paint on its black canvas side. I was sad! Here it is…

Favorite Purse - EDM #3


I also had time (during the Pro Bowl) to sketch a set of the beautiful columns that decorate the facade of the Alamo. I love the warm color of the stones and stucco and thought this would be a good chance to try an underwash with an ink drawing on top.

Alamo Columns


January 29, 2011 January 30, 2011

For a year I have been fascinated by the Every Day Matters (EDM) challenge. Last year my focus was on using my newly aquired knowledge of color theory and drawing to create watercolor paintings for show and competition. (Wow is that a mouth full!) This year I am more focused on having fun and relieving stress and continuing to develop my knowledge and skills. Nothing is more challenging than trying to make mundane everyday objects impactful, beautiful or exciting. So here I am, close to the end of January, 2011 starting the EDM challenge. I am not making a commitment about how, when or where I will work on this. I just want to enjoy the experience. Here are EDM #1 and EDM #2.

Christmas Shoes - EDM #1

Andy Warhol gained much of his initial recognition through his whimsical illustrations of women’s shoes made for a luxury leather store in NYC. His “blotted line” drawings and some of the gorgeous photos in “O” magazine inspired EDM #1. I also took the oppotunity to use my bamboo calligraphy pens, another tool I bought and never used.

Ken's Lamp - EDM #2

The second EDM object is a lamp. In this case I used a more traditional approach and the lamp that sits beside my husband’s chair. Both the EDM’s were created using graphite, colored pencil and watercolor. For EDM #1 I used a fine point bamboo pen and Black Magic ink.


January 27, 2011 January 28, 2011

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Spent yesterday afternoon at the art museum and had some time to kill while I waited for my husband to finish his volunteer shift. Several years ago I had fun sketching eyes of celebrities from a book of portraits. Eyes tell so much about attitude! I had my latest copy of the National Wildlife Federation magazine with me so I did sketches of animal eyes. These are done with pencil, colored pencil and watercolor marker. What a lovely way to spend an hour!



January 23, 2011 January 24, 2011

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Big day yesterday of trying to paint while watching football. I have not created an ATC (artist trading card) for several months so I decided to do one with a poinsettia as the subject. I painted it using the aquabrushes and the S&W pencils for the first step. I created a gray (grisaille) underpainting. I have never done this and did not really know how it would work but it turned out OK. There was more texture and detail than you can see in this scan.

Poinsettia ATC - Step 1

I painted the ATC in layers starting with the aquabrushes and watercolor crayons. I could not get deep, rich color so I embellished with colored pencil, marker and even a few strokes of Winsor Red.

Poinsettia ATC

I have learned to use whatever it takes to make the painting “right”.


January 22, 2011 January 23, 2011

I have been wanting to do a painting of a poinsettia for a couple of years but, during the busy holiday season when the plants are available, I never think of it. I received a beautiful poinsettia plant as a gift this year and yesterday was the day. I also wanted to do a sketch using the S&W pencils on paper that is made for wet media so last night I did it. I got two birds with one stone as the old saying goes. (Somehow I couldn’t force myself to use the word kill!)


Poinsettia Sketch using Sketch & Wash Pencils and Aquabrushes

The results are much better if you use the right paper. I achieved the best results by wetting my aquabrush and then dapping the lead at the end of the pencil. Kind of the same way I typically use watercolor crayons. I am learning and I think you can see the improvement. I am still not really happy with what I can achieve (I am not getting dark darks) but I am having fun trying!




January 20, 2011 January 21, 2011

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More fun with the aquabrushes today. I did this little painting in my sketchbook. The subject is Paradise Fish. I think they are lovely and luminous. I did them with two of my aquabrushes and my set of Pelikan gouache pan paints. I am really getting the hang of working with these brushes and like the glow in the painting. I touched up with colored pencils because I had trouble with the blues. Being goache they didn’t glow!

Paradise Fish


By the way, the last two days I have been painting in a Bee Paper “Aquabee” Super Deluxe 9″ X 6″ Sketchbook and I like the way the paper handles lots of water. Bravo to Bee!



January 19, 2011 January 20, 2011

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I had fun yesterday playing with my aquabrushes and I feel like I’m learning alot about control and how to use them. I can see how these will be very beneficial when traveling. No water to spill!

I did two more faces but I will admit I took the easy way out and used watercolor rather than the sketch and wash pencils.

Asian Student done with Aquabrush and Burnt Sienna Watercolor

I switched to a new sketchbook that I bought late last year. The paper is heavy and suitable for wet media. What a difference!

Asian Lady

I thought I should use the right paper in order to give these new tools a fair shot. I have grown to like using the aquabrushes. They are very practical. Maybe tomorrow I will try the S&W pencils again on this heavier paper.