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May 26, 2011 May 27, 2011

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This has been a good and productive week but I have not been very ambitious or successful with my painting. Good stuff – My grandson is out of Afghanistan and back at his base in Germany. He is coming home for a month’s leave around June 11. YEAH!!!!  Also I haven’t mentioned it yet (other things on my mind!) but I was honored to win third place in the Southside Art League members show with my painting Geraniums in Dappled Sunshine. And I have been productive because I developed the first draft of a tour on American Modernism to use for one of my public tours. I am going to cover the first 50 years of the 20th Century and the Armory Show of 1913. Everything up to Abstract Expressionism and how we got there. Did you know Arthur Dove was the first American to paint an abstract painting? Kandinsky, of course, was the first ever to do it.

The last time I posted I was having trouble with a small 6″ X 6″ painting. Well, I fiddled and diddled and came close and messed up. There’s only so much you can do in a 6″ X 6″ space so I eventually turned the paper over and decided to do another experiment looking at cells. I have been interested to see if I can find a way to use Easy-Release dots that they sell at Staples and Office Max. I thought by layering I might be able to get some interesting cell like shapes. With my earlier try I didn’t let the paper dry well enough and the dots just ripped up the surface of the paper. This time I had fairly good success because I let the paper dry overnight. Still don’t know if I like it but I am learning how to work with something new. Here’s my final piece…

Cells 3


May 19, 2011 May 21, 2011

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I want to thank everyone for sending such kind wishes our way. I am happy to tell you that we did get a vaccine this week. Ken had his infusion on Thursday and has had very few side effects. We just got the schedule for what we hope will be the final round of vaccine. Thank you again!

I painted two small “Cells” paintings over the last two days. I am having some trouble with these smaller pieces. I feel like both of the paintings got too dark. In an effort to prevent a pastel look I am using too many colors that are dark and serious and in too many layers. With these little sizes I seem to get the best results when I finish in three layers. Something for me to keep working on…

Cells 2

I also have some composition problems that I am thinking about on the second painting so I will probably show it tomorrow. Today’s painting is on the 6″ X 8″ Fluid watercolor paper and I did have some trouble with the surface of the paper lifting off but this was my fault since I did not let everything dry long enough. So impatient!


May 17, 2011 May 18, 2011

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Ken had another round of stem cell harvesting on Monday and since then I have been thinking about blood, blood cells, machines and the prisms that are used to process the blood. All of this sturm and drang let to  my first Cells painting. This painting is 12″ X 16″ on Kilimanjaro paper. As you can see, I included a couple of new elements this time.

Cells 1

In the past I’ve always used only one diameter for the circles but, in this case, I was thinking about blood cells – white, red, platelets, stem cells – different sizes and colors. I also was focused on the light that I watch each time we go through this harvesting step. Deep down in the machine, the nurses monitor a line of light that is supposed to have a red line running through it. There are times when occurences coincide fortuitously (how’s that for a mouth full!). Last week a friend of mine gave me a stash of art supplies that included artist’s tape which I had never seen or used before. Last week watercoloredhands (may 13, 2011) had a post that described her use of artist’s tape to paint the edges of a building in a piece she is working on. Everything came together and I used the artist’s tape to develop the rays of light. At one point I thought I had “lost it” because the painting looked too dark. After it dried it resembled the colors you see when working with blood and plasma.

Wish us well – tomorrow morning we find out if we got a vaccine from this run!


May 13, 2011 May 14, 2011

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From Flow to Falling…Yesterday  I decided to work on an addition to the Falling series of cancer paintings.  I wanted to continue the feeling of tumbling and bumping and bruising and bleeding as you fall but I also wanted to work with a narrow, clear palette of colors I find to be attractive.

Falling 4

I think I wound up with a painting that is not at all gloomy and that can be perceived as optimistic. Kind of a feeling of today’s not bad and tomorrow will be better. A feeling of acceptance of the fall. That’s our attitude right now…


May 12, 2011 May 13, 2011

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Even though Ken and I have resumed many of our activities I have been very productive this week. I continued to use colors from nature for this painting. It is a 12″ X 16″ painting on Kilimanjaro CP watercolor paper.

Flow 6

This is another in the Flow series and – YES – you will notice immediately that the Circles are BACK! Missed those little charmers. I was very happy with the way the layers of pure color merged to form the rusty color in the base. This is one of those paintings that I felt compelled to turn and turn and turn. Which is the top, which is the bottom? It can really be hung any way. At least I thought so until my husband said “Is that upside down?” I guess there really is a “right” way – and that is the way I painted it. Have a wonderful, sun filled day!


May 11, 2011 May 12, 2011

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Humans are never happy are they? Too much rain! Now too much heat! Too much humidity! Whine, whine, whine! But actually I did have a productive day yesterday. A friend did several repair projects, the dogs got a good long walk and this little painting is done.

Flow 5

This painting is 6″ X 8″ on Fluid watercolor paper and I had no problems with the paper as I worked wet-in-wet. I just let it dry really well between painting sessions. Once again I tried to use primarily colors from nature and I forced myself to NOT include a circle or circles. That was the hardest thing about this painting. If you remember, my first Flow paintings had to do with blood flow, blood vessels and the infusion of a vaccine back into the blood vessels. Now I think more about the flow of our lives as I paint. All the ups and downs, curve balls we are thrown and how we adjust our course to adapt.

On to another super hot, record- breaking day. Maybe I should just paint the sun and the heat…HMMM, is that an idea? Have a lovely day!


May 10, 2011 May 11, 2011

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My Monday and Tuesday were BUSY – with a capital B! My daughter and her fiance were in town and we completed a large portion of the planning for the wedding. We have set the date, met with the site and selected a caterer. We ordered the flowers and the cake and discussed preliminary menus. We even made a mock up of the centerpieces. This was lots of fun and a nice diversion. At the end of the two days my daughter had become relaxed and happy and said she finally believed that IT would happen as she had dreamed.

I also squeezed in a little painting.  I worked on three new Flow paintings. This one is on the 6″ X 6″ Fluid watercolor paper. I tried to make certain I let the paper dry thoroughly between layers of paint. This really seems to help alot. With these three paintings I tried to use more browns, greens, golds, oranges. I wanted to use primary colors from nature. I am also trying to be sure I have a clear focal point. With abstracts I get wrapped up in color, shape and line and forget about everything else. But I am getting better about considering values and defining a center of interest (even if my ideas change as I paint!)

Flow 4


May 8, 2011 May 9, 2011

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Yesterday was lovely and sunny. I had a great Mother’s Day and today is supposed to be sunny and warm so I am very cheerful this morning. To add to my blessings my youngest daughter is getting married in July and after much talk we start the real work today by holding our first meeting with the site and the potential caterers. (Since she’s a chef, I pity them! Picky, picky, picky!) She is going to get married at my cherished and exquisitely beautiful Indianapolis Museum of Art. Most of you are probably not familiar with the museum but it is on the grounds of an estate that was previously owned by a member of the Eli Lilly family (Lilly Pharmaceuticals). The estate includes a recreation building that was built for the children. It is spacious and elegant and is now used for special events. The museum is currently renovating the gardens at the end of the building. The wedding will be in the garden and the reception in the “Garden Terrace” building. My daughter has her 40th birthday in June and this is her first marriage. It will be small, casual and intimate but very special.

Now back to the world of art! Yesterday I told you about my paper disaster but good things come from bad. I flipped the paper over and did a little playing around with a new idea I’ve been thinking about. I have been considering how to use the idea of cells gone wild. This is really what cancer is and Ken’s form is very aggressive and hard to contain and fight. This is just rough but a start…

Playing around with the Cells Gone Wild idea


May 7, 2011 May 8, 2011

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Our Saturday started off in a very festive way…and of course, since I live in Indiana, with sprinkles. The Indianapolis Museum of Art held a volunteer appreciation brunch to thank all of their volunteers. It was fun with great food (have you ever had cherry stuffed french toast with ginger orange syrup? Yumm-O!) and we sat a table with dog lovers so we had a great time swapping stories.

I worked on a painting off and on all day yesterday but had a total failure. I used my 6″ X 6″ block of Fluid paper like I usually do with lots of water and wet-in-wet work. I had also used some masking fluid and when I removed it it pulled up the surface of the paper in BIG sections. I have had this happen twice before in small sections and have been able to fix it but not this time. Anyway, I will continue to experiment.

Next week I am entering my first competitive show for the year. It is at the Southside Art League of Indianapolis (SALI). I am entering a painting I completed last summer called Sun Dappled Geraniums. I always like to support the organizations I belong to by entering their shows even if I’m outclassed by the serious professional artists in the group. I love any feedback I get and  sorry for the blurry photo!

Sun Dappled Geraniums


May 4, 2011 May 5, 2011

I have really been out of touch for the last few days and missed all the activity on WordPress. I have been prepping for a new show at Orchard Park Presbyterian Church In Carmel, Indiana. Yesterday afternoon we hung the show and the contact, Rachel, at the church was incredibly experienced and supportive.

Hanging at Orchard Park Church

They have two 13 foot hanging strips and my show includes 18 watercolor and 1 acrylic paintings, one ink drawing and one graphite drawing. Two small paintings are displayed on a lovely side table along with information about me and my guest book. The show is a mix of my older work and my recent paintings that are inspired by Ken’s battle with prostate cancer. The show will hang for two months. Ahhh, now I can sit back and relax for a day or two!

A better shot of just a few of the paintings hanging