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May 5, 2017 May 5, 2017

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This is the last sketch from my recent driving trip. After my youngest daughter joined me for the last week of my trip I did not set aside much time to sketch. On my last day in Charleston I walked the Battery area looking for manageable subjects. The houses there are beautiful, majestic and complex. I wanted to capture the feeling but didn’t have time for anything too large or impressive. AND I  wanted a house shaded by trees and decorated with sunlight dancing through dappled green.

My sketch was done with my watercolor pencils and crayons using a small brush (probably a #4) on a 6 inch X 8 inch watercolor sketchbook. And, unlike my earlier sketches, I used an ink pen to outline shapes since the sketch is so busy. This paper is heavy but I can’t work too wet or the surface “pills” and becomes hard to work with. I hope you can feel the sunshine! Its rainy in Indianapolis now and I could use a big dose of sunshine and warmth!


South Battery Charleston 042017


7 Responses to “May 5, 2017”

  1. Judy Says:

    I love this picture, Linda! It really captures the essence of those wonderful Battery houses, and the dappled light is perfect.

  2. ruthsartwork Says:

    So pretty. We visited Charleston once and I took a lot of photos. Everywhere you turn there seems to be a beautiful house and landscaping.

  3. bexybexybexy Says:

    I saw your comment on secretkingdombook.wordpress which in turn brought me to your painting and it inspired me to write a poem:


    There’s a shadow in the window,
    Up beyond the sunlit dappled tree,
    It’s an outline of a person,
    The one I used to be.

    I’m walking out my dorm,
    Into another room,
    When will I return there,
    I’d like to be back soon.

    I left to find my place,
    Within the world outside,
    Yet my heart goes to that moment,
    Leaving the home I occupied.

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