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May 5, 2017 May 5, 2017

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This is the last sketch from my recent driving trip. After my youngest daughter joined me for the last week of my trip I did not set aside much time to sketch. On my last day in Charleston I walked the Battery area looking for manageable subjects. The houses there are beautiful, majestic and complex. I wanted to capture the feeling but didn’t have time for anything too large or impressive. AND I  wanted a house shaded by trees and decorated with sunlight dancing through dappled green.

My sketch was done with my watercolor pencils and crayons using a small brush (probably a #4) on a 6 inch X 8 inch watercolor sketchbook. And, unlike my earlier sketches, I used an ink pen to outline shapes since the sketch is so busy. This paper is heavy but I can’t work too wet or the surface “pills” and becomes hard to work with. I hope you can feel the sunshine! Its rainy in Indianapolis now and I could use a big dose of sunshine and warmth!


South Battery Charleston 042017


April 30, 2017 April 30, 2017

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Last Sunday I returned from a driving trip to the American South. I started In Lexington, Kentucky, next visited Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia, then on to Charleston, South Carolina and finished in Asheville, North Carolina. It was an interesting and educational look at history, culture, natural environments and my personality. I was able to maintain a relaxed, adaptable approach to my trip (not really my type A norm). I loved the experience and was contented and able to enjoy what could have been a very stressful two weeks.

I have a new sketch for you. I did this sketch at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The Gardens are remarkable and they have a large woodlands area that I would like to explore further. One focal point is a sculpture made from living plants called the Earth Goddess. It is a huge bust of a beautiful woman with her hand extended and water flowing from it. In April the plants are tan, beige, light green but I understand that the Earth Goddess is very colorful later in the year. I loved it. I did a quick sketch and then touch-up later in my room. The foliage was very complex and challenging in this garden. Again I worked with watercolor pencil and later watercolor crayon on a small watercolor sketchbook. I hope you enjoy.


Earth Goddess 042017


April 15, 2017 April 17, 2017

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I just spent a week in Atlanta. It was a wonderful week. I didn’t even get frustrated with the traffic and crowds both of which were HEAVY!!!!! One of the highlights was my visit to Zoo Atlanta and their amazing giant pandas. They have two adults and their funny, furry, fascinating 11 week old cubs. The Mom and cubs are together and Dad is in a separate enclosure (he was pacing and tumbling and rolling). I did a quick sketch of Mom munching away on bamboo. I used my watercolor crayons and a small brush. It was very quick and spontaneous. FUN!


Panda Mom Zoo Atlanta 20170410


October 18, 2013 October 18, 2013

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This is the final post about my visit to the Napa Valley. I saved the best for last. This watercolor sketch is of the Sterling Winery. Their cabernet sauvignon was my husband’s absolute favorite. When I saw the winery I had to visit. It sits on the top of a hill and you take a 300 foot aerial tram ride to reach the winery…beautiful views of the valley. This winery is at the northern eand of the valley and you have moved past the very dry, sun bleached hills of the south end of Napa. The winery is designed to look like a small village in Greece. Very special, very picturesque.

Sterling Winery watercolor sketch

Sterling Winery watercolor sketch

I liked the overlapping abstract shapes and the clean, bright colors. The large tarnished bell that sits in the arch was brought from Greece.



October 11, 2013 October 11, 2013

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When we were in Napa Valley in May, I wanted to paint a series of watercolor sketches of the beautiful wineries. I only found time to do two watercolor sketches. The first is of Castillo d’Amorosa which looks like a medieval castle very rustic and very commercial. Ok, I must admit,  it did suck me in with its beauty…

Castillo d'Amorosa Watercolor Sketch

Castillo d’Amorosa Watercolor Sketch



January 11, 2013 January 11, 2013

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I took my three daughters and their familes to Gulf Shores for the holidays. Ken and I loved Gulf Shores. When I worked on my MBA, Ken would pick me up after my last final in December and we would start the 12 hour drive to the sandy beaches. Our anniversary is in mid-December so we used these vacations as a time to celebrate. The most interesting story I have from our time there was about the native’s reaction to snow. One December we were staying at the State Park in Gulf Shores (buildings destroyed but hurricane Ivan, I think) and they had their first snowfall in 15 years. The response to less than an inch of snow was very dramatic…schools closed, servers sent home, road crews responded…for someone from the snowy north pretty extreme stuff. I’m not making fun but we did enjoy the reaction – after we found somewhere to eat dinner!

My daughter, Heather, was the shell collector on this trip. She walked on the beach every morning looking for specimens that she did not already have. I have never found crabs on the beach before but she found three whole, unviolated specimens. The birds had not had time to peck them to pieces yet. I used one of her finds for this sheet of sketches. The page includes gestural, contour and colored pencil sketches. Very fun to do.

Sketches and colored pencil drawing - Gulf Shores

Sketches and colored pencil drawing – Gulf Shores


May 31, 2012 June 1, 2012

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I have set aside my Yupo for the moment. I stumbled on a photograph of a man with the biggest smile I ever saw. It was enchanting. As many of you know I am fascinated by faces and frequently do rough sketches from magazines and then make them my own. I usually am intrigued by one facial feature that catches my eye. In this case it was the crinkly, laughing eyes. I started thinking about what could make him laugh – he’s having fun – why? – he’s at a festival – what’s happening? – fireworks – shazam! I can use my abstract palette of pthalo blue, quin magenta and cad yellow to make it took like he’s watching fireworks. What fun!!!!!! Are YOU smiling?

Laughing man