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January 31, 2010 January 31, 2010

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Dancer #1

Spent a couple of hours today sketching for my Dance painting. I worked on heads and on the pose for the main dancer. I will probably give all three dancers long hair because it is easier to show motion with long hair.

Twirling and Swirling

I also decided to put the main dancer in a sundress – once again so the swinging skirt will help show the swirl and twirl of her dance. I’m going to have her hold a scarf or shawl flying like a flag.

I did a second head. It is for the leaping dancer. Her nose is much too cute and pert and her ponytail will be flipping behind her.

Leaping - Dancer #2

I am beginning to feel good because I am making some progress – slowly. I will continue to plug away.

I am doing the sketches with markers because it is challenging to capture emotion and movement with this tool. If I can make you feel their joy I will have succeeded.

Besides the blue is COLTS BLUE! Go Colts!


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