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October 16, 2011 – Bruce Moore November 7, 2011

Here is another of the wonderful winners of the Watercolor Society of Indiana Show currently hanging at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Olio by Bruce Moore, Watermedia on Yupo, 20" X 28"

Definition of OLIO-  a miscellaneous mixture : hodgepodge, a miscellaneous collection (as of literary or musical selections)

The Founder’s Award ( 3rd Place): Judge’s Comments

This painting has good focus and good contrast.  I like the nice, soft edges.  It is put together beautifully and has a wonderful medallion design, which one doesn’t see very often.”

Artist’s Comments:

My painting, “Olio,” is a Yupo collage painting. Yupo is a synthetic surface comprised of polypropylene. I do most of my abstract or non-representational painting on Yupo. To make the collage pieces I used sharp scissors to cut out pieces of interest from other Yupo paintings I have done. I have hundreds of these cutouts at hand so I can choose the shapes and color combinations I want. I usually apply collage to an underlying painting, or even a completed painting that needs more life to it. The underlying painting as well as the collage pieces have to be completely dry and finished with an acrylic gloss UV protected spray I use on my Yupo paintings. (If not ,the paint will wash right off if touched with water, glue or paint because Yupo is not absorbant.) I place the underlying painting down on my painting table and start picking up pieces and arranging them on the painting. I can spend hours rearranging the pieces, substituting, cutting, and so on. I often walk away so I can return for a fresh viewpoint. I am looking for evocative combinations of color and shape but my primary focus is on composition. With pre-cut forms it is easy to overwhelm the painting with too many juxtaposed forms and colors.  Only when I am fully satisfied do I begin glueing the pieces to the painting. The title I chose for this painting has as much to do with the process of its creation as it does the substance.

I hope you enjoy seeing what my fellow Indiana artists are doing. They are incredible artists and very special people.