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August 3, 2011 August 3, 2011

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Like a bad penny I am back. I hate jumping in and out of blogging like I have been doing but I have no choice. I miss you all. Ken was just released from the hospital after spending 6 nights there. It has been a very tough and frustrating time. When he went in he was dehydrated, low blood pressure, ear infection, cold sweats, chills, etc and extreme weakness. They have resolved all the little problems but he still has little appetite and is tired and weak. They said patients recover to 90% and hit a wall. The last 10% is your appetite and strength so not to get depressed, Just have a plan and work to get better and stronger each day. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you start – just start and try to do a little more each day. Sounds a little like art, doesn’t it?

I did have two paintings finished when he got sick so I have shot digital images and am posting the first today. We are still in this horrendous heat wave and are close to breaking an all time record for number of days in a row over 90 degrees. So my paintings are still driven be this stresser. This painting is called Sun Trails.

Sun Trails

When I painted this I was thinking about the double images you sometimes see when the weather is this hot. Also about the time lapse photographs taken of the moon or sun that show the sun/moon moving across the sky. I used a portrait view intentionally because I feel it is more powerful and that the sun is beating/looking directly down on me with no relief and no let up.