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January 18, 2013 January 18, 2013

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I have decided to spend more time trying to develop my ability to paint realistic watercolors. I won’t give up painting abstracts, which I love, but I feel remarkably clumsy when it comes to realistic work. Before my workshop with Cheng Khee Chee I did a drawing to take to the workshop. I did not use it because it was on 9″ X 12″ paper and was really too small for the processes we were using. This week I worked on this painting and the results are below.

Ruins 1 - 140# HP Arches - 9"X12" Watercolor

Ruins 1 – 140# HP Arches – 9″X12″ Watercolor


This composition had a difficult challenge – the major movement is horizontal and vertical. I used the cypress in the background, the diagonals in clouds and the subtle diagonal placement of the red flowers to add interst.  I am not happy or unhappy with this painting. It is a good starting point for the year.

When Ken and I lived in Germany for six months we were in awe of the ancient ruins and the commitment to preserve history and heritage. It was evident in every country we visited. That was my inspiration. I tried to show the freshness of nature against the beauty of past civilizations (the work of man).


June 24, 2010 June 25, 2010

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Color! Color! Color! You know how I am always talking about color? I decided to take a couple of my older paintings and to repaint them. To start I chose a painting that I did in late 2008. It is a painting of castle ruins in the Scottish Highlands that has always looked dull to me – all muted browns and grays with almost no color. Well in response I think I binged on color! I spent the last two days trying to tone down the color without ruining the painting. Not quite sure if I’m done tinkering even now.

Stormin' the Ruins