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November 24, 2011 November 25, 2011

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Hope your Thanksgiving Day was peaceful, happy and full of good things!

I finished a new painting and am REALLY happy with it. I was running low on a couple of colors that I use alot so I decided to order some art materials. At the same time I was reading about new art materials in one of my current magazines. They had good things to say about the new Arches artboards. Now I have not had great luck with Arches paper because of the buckling and warping when I work super wet and I have not had good luck with illustration board because it curls up when I work in watercolor. I was sceptical but I ordered five sheets anyway – who knows? Well this product did curl up like the illustration board but I was able to reverse most of that by rewetting and taping the board. I like the surface (CP) and was happy with the durability. Previously, the largest painting I’ve done in my cancer series was 12″ X 16″. This board is 16″ X 20″ so I used a whole sheet. I thought the larger size would push me to add more complexity. When working on this I was thinking about blood pulsing and then got into the change in seasons and the pulse of nature. This feeling of throbbing, pulsing life is what I wanted to share. I hope you see my hope, my feeling of change and my vision of a new day dawning.

Pulse 1 - Watercolor on 16" X 20" Arches Watercolor Board