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December 31, 2010 January 1, 2011

As the old year ends I want to thank all of you who have visited my blog. When I started my blog on January 1, 2010 I had no idea that the experience would add so much richness to my life. Thank you all for the fun, the ideas, the criticism and the friendship. This is my 158th post for the year. I am not an everyday “poster” like I had hoped but not bad either.

As part of my last post for the year I wanted to show my final version of the Hawaiian Headland collage painting . After my post of December 7th, I decided that it had too many problems and that I had to go back and make additional changes. The primary irritant was the lack of connectivity in the gullies running down the hillsides. How did they start? How could they start with horizontal flow? So I did additional painting, matted the piece and stuck it in a frame. Then I lived with it for a couple of weeks. If one of my paintings can make it through the “living with it” period without making me itchy to pick up a brush, I know it is complete. And as any artist knows…our paintings always look better “cleaned up” by matting and framing. Now I am truly satisfied…a good way to start the new year.