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May 13, 2011 May 14, 2011

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From Flow to Falling…Yesterday  I decided to work on an addition to the Falling series of cancer paintings.  I wanted to continue the feeling of tumbling and bumping and bruising and bleeding as you fall but I also wanted to work with a narrow, clear palette of colors I find to be attractive.

Falling 4

I think I wound up with a painting that is not at all gloomy and that can be perceived as optimistic. Kind of a feeling of today’s not bad and tomorrow will be better. A feeling of acceptance of the fall. That’s our attitude right now…


April 14, 2011 April 15, 2011

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Yesterday was a real bummer. We learned that, for whatever reason, they were not able to make the vaccine for Ken’s treatment this week. We were very disappointed. The feelings of frustration, lack of control and disappointment led me to work on another version of “falling”. I have been thinking about doing a painting with just blacks, grays and one other color so I practiced Carpe Deum and took a shot. I am actually very happy with this painting. It is on Arches paper and is roughly 8″ X 10″ ( don’t have the exact dimensions here!)

Falling 3

I am also working on a little “Blue” painting. It is on my new 6″ X 8″ block of Fluid watercolor paper. It was going very well but I think I’ve mucked it up and I’m trying to recover.  I may pull out the MASA paper and use collage to do some major revision. So many options…


April 4, 2011 April 6, 2011

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Falling – one more time! Yesterday I completed a second painting exploring the feeling of falling and uncertainty. We all have difficult periods in our lives. We feel like everything is spinning out of control, that we live surrounded by choas. You all have heard me comment about my husband’s health problems but I have had two other events over which I have no control. First – my grandson is in the Army and was home on leave for the last week. Today he goes back to Afghanistan. With tensions escalating again that is very scary for a grandmother and is, of course, even worse for my daughter. He has two more months in Afghanistan before he is reassigned to Germany. I feel like these last months are the most dangerous. Secondly, my sister had knee replacement surgery yesterday. I have had double knee replacement and know how painful this surgery is and long it takes to fully recover. The surgery went well and now she can begin the climb to recovery.  Anyway this is a very trying period but I know that we all go through them.

Falling 2

Now back to the painting. For this painting I decided to use colors that are dramatic and even a little harsh. Colors that almost shout at you. I simplified the flowing lines to increase the focus on the color. This painting and yesterday’s were both done on a quarter sheet of Langston’s Prestige paper. I have never used this before and I really like the creamy feel and the fact that it doesn’t “hold” buckles and ripples as badly as Arches. This time I KNOW which side is up (thank you to all who offered opinions yesterday!).


April 3, 2011 April 5, 2011

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When I complete an abstract painting, I’m often faced with an interesting  conundrum. Which side is “Up”? I know how I painted it – so that’s the top, right? But maybe it looks better upside down or in portrait rather than landscape orientation. I turn it and turn it. I have even had my works framed with wire runnning both ways so whoever buys it can decide how THEY like it. Anyway my latest painting is one of those.

Falling - the way I painted it

This painting is my comment on the uncertainty we have in our lives – on the events, happenings and situations we cannot control. I am trying to express the discomfort and fear we feel when we have no ability to say “No! Stop!”. And, obviously I am still thinking about blood and the role it is playing in Ken’s treatment. Thinking about the good days and the bad days. Now my confusion…here is the painting upside down.

Falling - upside down

Oh no, I like it is this way too. Which do you like better? Please give me your opinion!