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January 20, 2010 January 21, 2010

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Visited the dentist this morning and started the work for a new crown. In the chair (visions of THE chair but they didn’t strap me down) for two hours. Left exhausted and with a funky, foul taste in my mouth. Down in the mouth for the rest of the day – so to speak – so I sat down in the afternoon with a cup of tea, my colored pencils and a small sketchbook. I started thinking about what I could do with dental imagery and came up with a skull and crossbones with a toothbrush and cleaning tool as the crossed bones. Then I went on to “Crown” and remembered a Snow Princess that I saw on someone’s blog the other day.

A Redhaired Briar Rose?

I have always wanted to draw a princess with long flowing hair so I did a small drawing which came out A-OK. Than I thought “What can I do to make this different? I know! I’ll make her a redhead!” My husband has always loved redheads because they are so rare. So I accepted the challenge and worked very hard to make certain her hair was not ORANGE.

I pull me enemy's ivories to wear around me neck, Ye Swabby!

Next I decided that Pirates (I just finished reading Treasure Isand – filling gaps from my youth) might toture their victims by pulling teeth from their heads. My husband walked by and said “What are you drawing? He is really ugly!”

All I can say is I had fun and it distracted me from my achy mouth. Maybe I’ll do a watercolor of my not very attractive but very fearsome pirate.