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November26, 2013 November 26, 2013

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I am preparing to do an hour long facilitation of Love Song by Norman Rockwell. This is part of a new program at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and is based on dialogue, open ended questions and deep looking. The viewers guide the discussion so it takes extensive preparation in order to effectively respond during the session. I just started studying the Rockwell and through my locxal library found a set of six videos about American Masters. The series was shown on PBS (public broadcasting) and includes a very good DVD about Norman Rockwell. It also includes an incredible DVD about Alexander Calder. This blew me away!!!!!! I knew nothing about his early days as a artist – what innovation, what inspiration, what FUN!!!! Oh my gosh, I was inspired! Grabbed my markers and colored pencils and went to work thinking about shape and line. I did not capture the sense of lightness that Calder was able to bring to everything he touched but I had fun trying.

Here is my gray color scale drawing. I was thinking about floating shapes and trying to get a good composition.

Homage Gray Scale Drawing

Homage Gray Scale Drawing

I then decided to liven things up by adding color. Calder added fun and interest through movement. Working in 2D I can only add color.

Homage Color

Homage Color




January 19, 2013 January 20, 2013

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I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to focus my attention on improving my ability to paint realistically. Over the last two years I have been consistently impressed by the teaching, paintings and generosity of Barry Coombs. He posts his lessons and examples from his classes on his blog (see my Blogroll). I have always thought I would benefit from trying the exercises he teaches in class. Well, the time is now and he has just recently started a new term. Here is the link for week one.  I started by making a series of compositional sketches using Barry’s “set up”. His compositions literally glow with vibrant color so I was itching to move on but I made myself THINK as I did my sketches.

Compositional Sketches - Barry Coombs Week One

Compositional Sketches – Barry Coombs Week One

I thought the final two compositions were the best so I darkened the basic outlines and moved on.  Next I completed color sketches using the last two compositions.  These were done in a Bee sketchbook that handles watermedia (although not like WC paper). These are not meant to be finished paintings but were helpful as I determined my color scheme. I decided to use Barry’s original color scheme with a very dark background that is primarily brown. I hope I get started on the painting today. The pile of shoes he used for week two is beckoning!

Color Sketch 2

Color Sketch 2

Color Sketch 1

Color Sketch 1



February 12, 2011 February 13, 2011

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I have been working with color lately and have usually had a specific subject in mind. Both a good thing! Last night I decided to watch the original Godfather movie and it is a long one. While I watched and listened, I decided to do some drawing with nothing in mind except for a focus on composition. For me understanding what makes a “good” composition is the most challenging thing I face as an artist. I used 6H, 2B and 6B pencils and here’s what I completed.

Abstract Composition Drawing

To me it looks like a melding of Leger and O’Keefe. I liked the simplicity of it.  If your willing to comment, please tell me how you would improve the composition. Thanks to all who visit!


February 8, 2010 February 9, 2010

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I have finished reading the Stephan Quiller book Color Choices but I have not done the last set of exercises. The first exercise asks us to paint the way a scene looks using four different time points during the day. I wanted to paint a birdbath in our side yard when it was capped  by a crown of snow. Well we have SNOW!

Birdbath at 9am

Sunday I took three digital photos of the scene (sorry Stephan the day is too short for four). For me this would be an exercise to work on composition and color.

Yesterday I printed the photos, worked out a composition and painted the first two paintings.  For my composition I wanted to include four elements – the birdbath, the tree, the black trellis and dried hydrangea flowers that were still on my bush. I think the dried hydrangeas are quite beautiful and I leave them on my bush to liven up the winter landscape. All four items are spread out and I had to find a way to compress them to make a pleasing painting.

Birdbath at 2pm

At 9 am the colors are stronger and the shadows more bold. At 2 pm the colors are slightly more subdued but still colorful. I tried to stay focused on the direction of the light and the shadows both direct and reflected. Today I plan to paint the third painting. It was taken at 6pm and is much more subdued and almost monotone. My challenge will be to make it vibrant.


February 2, 2010 February 3, 2010

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Drawing Class with Irina today and she gave us a very interesting exercise. She laid out photographs of buildings and landscapes and set-up a dressmaker’s dummy draped with fabric. Our task was to make a good composition using our imagination, our photo and the fabric, dummy or both.

Photo source for drawing 02022010

I chose this photo because I liked the colors in the old stones and buildings. When Ken and I lived in Heidelberg, I was fascinated by the beautiful little religious statues that were displayed in niches on the corners of buildings on the High Street so I decided to use the draped manikin as inspiration for a draped figure.

After "using my imagination"

Irina was happy with the composition and encouraged me to paint it. I think I will crop more off the right side and give it a shot.

P.S. Irina allows NO RULERS! Oh yes, and no Payne’s Gray – ever!


January 18, 2010 January 19, 2010

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Which composition is the most appealing?

I mentioned earlier that understanding and improving the composition of my paintings is a priority. I decided to sit down with a newsprint pad and see what I could come up with using the two boxes from last week. I have two compositions that I prefer but I am really interested in what my fellow artists think. Please let me know by replying with the number of your favorite composition.

I also started thinking about a painting I would love to paint. I want to communicate the freedom and joy of dance. I started working on some VERY rough sketches to figure out how I could capture the feeling I want to share. I want to include three figures and I want to do a separate painting of the most interesting figure to donate to the Silent Auction / Gala for Dance Kaleidoscope. DK is the modern dance company that has enriched the cultural life of Indianapolis for the last 25 years. They are remarkable! What do you think? Have I captured joy and exuberance? (Remember these are REALLY EARLY Sketches!)

I Hope You Dance Sketch #1

I Hope You Dance Sketches #2