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December 23, 2017 December 23, 2017

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I have been engrossed in Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Leonardo da Vinci. The content is encyclopedic – rich and well written. The book is printed on elegant paper with a beautiful font and wonderful, clear images. The book includes many examples of Leonardo’s pen drawings. His mastery is dazzling and also inspiring. I will never approach the capability of Leonardo but I did get out my bamboo pens again and created a new practice sheet. I used images from my latest copy of National Wildlife (National Wildlife Federation monthly magazine). I love and am continually inspired by nature. I completed three rough sketches, the last of which I finished with colored pencils. The top drawing is of a monarch butterfly enjoying a blazing star, the second drawing is of three coneflowers, which are native to Indiana, and the third sketch I did is of a Southern Masked Weaver. I was fascinated by the colors shimmering through the feathers of this bird that is primarily yellow. He is weaving greenery into a nest.


Bamboo Pen Pactice 3




October 2, 2016 October 3, 2016

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I am just a little slow. After my last post I had to think about what I was doing. The pages in my Stained Glass pattern book are very hard and slick and nonabsorbent. Not the best for watercolor. For this work I laid down a layer of colored pencil, then watercolor, then more colored pencil and then more watercolor.




I picked this pattern because I walk my dog, Baxter, at Ft Benjamin Harrison State Park every morning. The forest is still largely green (I overload on green during the Indiana summers!) but there was a lovely gold and coral sunrise and the early sun hitting the tops of the trees gave them a glow. I tried to capture several shades of green, the blue sky and the drying grasses and undergrowth. I am still fiddling and diddling but am about ready to get serious!


November 29, 2013 November 29, 2013

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I have become fascinated by Henri Matisse and his ability to integrate very complex patterns, colors and objects to make a unified, harmonious whole.  Composition is my weakest point and I continue to struggle, study and learn as much as I can about the subject. Thinking about Matisse and one of the paintings in the exhibit at the IMA, I decided to work with line again. I used my gray scale markers to draw a sheet full of lines and circles.  Maybe it is because I love math and logic but I seem to gravitate towards very orderly, balanced (does that mean boring???) arrangements.

Lines - Gray Scale

Lines – Gray Scale

This seems very mechanical but I liked it. I had just about decided not to add color but gave myself a little poke and said – hey! this is an excerise! See if color makes it better – you’ve got nothing to lose! So I played with bright colors that I like and that work well together. Here’s the final drawing.

Lines - Color

Lines – Color

Now if I could just learn to shot a properly positioned photo!


November26, 2013 November 26, 2013

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I am preparing to do an hour long facilitation of Love Song by Norman Rockwell. This is part of a new program at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and is based on dialogue, open ended questions and deep looking. The viewers guide the discussion so it takes extensive preparation in order to effectively respond during the session. I just started studying the Rockwell and through my locxal library found a set of six videos about American Masters. The series was shown on PBS (public broadcasting) and includes a very good DVD about Norman Rockwell. It also includes an incredible DVD about Alexander Calder. This blew me away!!!!!! I knew nothing about his early days as a artist – what innovation, what inspiration, what FUN!!!! Oh my gosh, I was inspired! Grabbed my markers and colored pencils and went to work thinking about shape and line. I did not capture the sense of lightness that Calder was able to bring to everything he touched but I had fun trying.

Here is my gray color scale drawing. I was thinking about floating shapes and trying to get a good composition.

Homage Gray Scale Drawing

Homage Gray Scale Drawing

I then decided to liven things up by adding color. Calder added fun and interest through movement. Working in 2D I can only add color.

Homage Color

Homage Color




October 6, 2013 October 6, 2013

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Old Faithful of the West

Old Faithful of the West

Who knew that were two Old Faithful Geysers? This one in the Napa Valley is in a beautiful (if a bit commercialized) setting. It is located near Calistoga, California and you can learn more by clicking here. It is not as large or impressive as Yellowstone but is still quite a sight to see and it erupts more frequently. It sits in the middle of a quiet pool and the blow hole is surrounded by rocks. The water is filled with flickering green light from the vegetation. It was very peaceful to sit quietly while completing this sketch. There were very few visitors and the sound of the geyser erupting was gentle and rhythmic. For this sketch I used a combination of colored pencil and watercolor.


October 3, 2013 October 3, 2013

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I am so grateful that I have had a few visits during my hiatas. I have been out of touch for several months. I have been uninspired and unmotivated and have been taking a break. Not a total break and so I will do some catch-up and hope that sharing will pull me back into the blog-o -sphere. I have missed my blogging friends and hope to take more time to look at your creative work.

OK now, going back to May. I was luck enough to have a chance to visit Napa Valley with my daughter. She atttended a “bootcamp” at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America). I had time to explore and to do some sketching while she was in class each day. I was fascinated by the golden dryness of the hills at the entry to the valley. Beautiful, rolling , sun bleached but dotted with green…they inspired my first pencil sketch.

Sun dried hills of Napa

Sun dried hills of Napa

I also start my trips with a short shopping expedition. I love scented soaps and scented sprays to spritz on a sun parched face. My first afternoon I did a quick sketch as I sipped an iced tea.

Treasures and Tea

Treasures and Tea

More to follow…I am glad to be back.


January 13, 2013 January 13, 2013

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Another page of sketches from Gulf Shores. I was amazed at the color diversity I saw looking at Heather’s shell collection this year. I have never seen a green shell when collecting in the past. I also have never seen the fragile beauty of the tiny shell with the purplish stripes. The green, purple and pinkish/gray shells were all tiny, fragile things – obviously not drawn to scale. I was just trying to capture the general shape, color and direction of the stripes and blotches. I really mangled the purple stripes which were a delicate purple/magenta color much lighter than shown. Oh well – I was on vacation… I’m always too hard on myself. It’s our nature, isn’t it?

Just a quick note about the BP Oil spill. Workers were on the beach two days during our visit searching for and cleaning small blobs of oil from the beach. This activity ended while we were visiting Gulf Shores. I did not see any oil in evidence but my son-in-law saw two small blobs. The birds and fish and dolphins appear to have recovered but I thought you would find it interesting to know that BP continued to fund clean-up until January 2 or 3, 2013 and that it has now stopped. I hope the municipal areas continue to monitor the situation since this was such a massive environmental disaster. Again, I must be honest – I didn’t see any problem during my visit. Here are my shells:

Gulf Shores Shells

Gulf Shores Shells


January 11, 2013 January 11, 2013

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I took my three daughters and their familes to Gulf Shores for the holidays. Ken and I loved Gulf Shores. When I worked on my MBA, Ken would pick me up after my last final in December and we would start the 12 hour drive to the sandy beaches. Our anniversary is in mid-December so we used these vacations as a time to celebrate. The most interesting story I have from our time there was about the native’s reaction to snow. One December we were staying at the State Park in Gulf Shores (buildings destroyed but hurricane Ivan, I think) and they had their first snowfall in 15 years. The response to less than an inch of snow was very dramatic…schools closed, servers sent home, road crews responded…for someone from the snowy north pretty extreme stuff. I’m not making fun but we did enjoy the reaction – after we found somewhere to eat dinner!

My daughter, Heather, was the shell collector on this trip. She walked on the beach every morning looking for specimens that she did not already have. I have never found crabs on the beach before but she found three whole, unviolated specimens. The birds had not had time to peck them to pieces yet. I used one of her finds for this sheet of sketches. The page includes gestural, contour and colored pencil sketches. Very fun to do.

Sketches and colored pencil drawing - Gulf Shores

Sketches and colored pencil drawing – Gulf Shores


October 23, 2012 October 23, 2012

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We have storms blowing in and rain is pounding outside. Seems like a good time to show you the second little painting I did from a monoprint in Cheng Khee Chee’s workshop. I explained the technique in my last post. Here is the second monoprint I did. Both monoprint 1 & 2 are small – probably about 6″ X 9″.

Monoprint 2

With these colors and the textures and shapes in the middle, I could see a flower garden so that’s what I decided to develop. I did positive and negative painting and also used colored pencils. If you need to lighten an area the unsized paper will swallow watercolor but colored pencils will do the job. Here is my flower garden.

Monoprint 2 – Finished

I actually wanted to spend more time working on this but I had reached the point of diminishing returns. Probably back to my ATC’s. Enjoy some summer on this sodden Fall day!


October 19, 2012 October 20, 2012

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The maple leaves are falling fast and soon they will gone. So sad because this time of year is absolutely beautiful in Indiana.  I have finished two more maple leaf ATC’s. It has been fun to play with the compositions and to choose a new leaf for each piece. These are on watercolor paper and are a combination of both watercolor and colored pencil. Such fun! I will have to explore the neighborhood to see if the oaks have much color this year. Some years they have beautiful, rich greens and reds and purples but they don’t have the glow and fire of the maples. Enjoy this slice of an Indiana Fall.

Maple Leaf 4 – ATC

Maple Leaf 3 – ATC