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December 17, 2017 December 17, 2017

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I wanted to post a couple of additional pages from my journal. I don’t know if most of the world has become addicted to Adult Coloring Books but they are very popular in the United States. They present adults with an opportunity to be creative in a non-threatening environment and are wonderful for stress release (really needed in the US as you can imagine!). When an adult colors it takes you back to a happier time. You can get lost in the activity.

The first page I am including is really inspired by my love of mathematics and color. I have a university degree in mathematics and have always been inspired by geometric shapes and prismatic color. I thought I would play with these ideas when working on this page.


Journal Image 3



With this next exercise in coloring I was working with ink and markers and just experimenting. I usually go for blues but this time I pumped the color with pinks and purples and even green. Does it make you want to dance? Enjoy!


Journal Image 4


November 30, 2017 November 30, 2017

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I have finished creating the ATC’s for my family. I must say that I had so much fun that I will probably create some additional collages. I have some watercolor postcards and note cards that I want to work with. I enjoy the mixing and matching to create an end result that is interesting, unique, unusual and, most of all, fun. This may not seem like art to you but for me the end result is much different than the individual pieces. Think about that old saying “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” I try to create something new and different. I must admit that I am itching to pick up a pencil to do some drawing and a brush to wet my colors. I am just wrapping up a busy period for my three volunteer efforts so that will happen SOON…



Horses9 ATC 2017Horses8 ATC 2017














Horses10 ATC 2017Cats2 ATC 2017



February 26, 2017 February 26, 2017

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It has been a tough few months for many reasons. I haven’t had much time or energy for painting or drawing but I am beginning to get back to my studio. Have you ever noticed how your studio and drawing table get covered with lots of PAPER, magazines, flyers and other detritus when you are not actively creating? Well I am beginning to get my space organized again. I still have a stack of tax paperwork but that will be gone soon. Maybe I should do an abstract based on my emotional response to taxes…oh my!


Last week I completed this very small watercolor. It is not much larger than the image but was fun to do. I just played. Brushing, pouring, squirting. As many of you know I love color and I was trying to capture the idea of light splitting as it went through shattered glass. I have always been fascinated by the prism lightcatchers made by Pollyanna in the movie of the same name. So simple and such a beautiful effect. Light dancing on a wall…so beautiful!


September 26, 2016 September 26, 2016

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Well, I return after over a year of inactivity. I have been volunteering as Chair of the Docent Program at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and my time and energy have been committed to several projects leaving me little time to paint. I know…whine, whine, whine! Well here I am and, as usual, after time off I feel like I have forgotten everything I ever knew. I have decided to start slow – you might say VERY slow – and to focus on my love of color. I found a book of stained glass patterns and pulled out my set of Pelikan paints to start.



I feel like a tyke just starting! And as I painted I realized that I still have one of my bad habits. Some of us never learn!




I want to focus on things I love and I love the sea so I tried to use a limited palette of blues and greens with yellow representing the glint of the sun on the water. This was simple and I did much better managing my round rather than my chisel point brush. I decided to keep notes about my intention with each work. I definitely need a refresher! I hope you enjoy!!!






November 10, 2014 November 11, 2014

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“Painting is by nature a luminous language.”      – Robert Delaunay

Isn’t that the truth? I want to speak that luminous language so I continue my work with color. The painting I am posting today is titled Harmony in Yellow and Green. I am trying to understand the use of color and I have much to learn. Because Wassily Kandinsky’s book The Spiritual in Art influenced so many early modernists I have been rereading the sections about color. Some highlights:

A well-balanced mixture of yellow and blue produces green. The horizontal movement ceases: likewise that from and towards the centre. The effect on the soul through the eye is therefore motionless…Green is the most restful color that exists.

In music the absolute green is represented by the placid, middle notes of a violin.

I don’t know if I agree 100% with everything Kandinsky says but who am I to disagree! I do know that, while walking at the State Park this summer, I pondered why I always am drawn to paint the Spring and Fall seasons but not Summer. It hit me like a rock…too much green! Kandinsky’s words helped me understand this response.

Harmony in Yellow and Green was painted with 5 different yellows, 2 greens and one green mixed on the paper using Hansa Yellow Light and Pthalo Blue. I let each of the colors dry thoroughly before applying the next color. A painting takes three or four days to complete. I thought the value structure was much better than my last painting. I am always open for comments and suggestions. When trying to improve my painting, I leave my ego at the door!

Harmony in Yellow and Green

Harmony in Yellow and Green




January 19, 2013 January 20, 2013

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I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to focus my attention on improving my ability to paint realistically. Over the last two years I have been consistently impressed by the teaching, paintings and generosity of Barry Coombs. He posts his lessons and examples from his classes on his blog (see my Blogroll). I have always thought I would benefit from trying the exercises he teaches in class. Well, the time is now and he has just recently started a new term. Here is the link for week one.  I started by making a series of compositional sketches using Barry’s “set up”. His compositions literally glow with vibrant color so I was itching to move on but I made myself THINK as I did my sketches.

Compositional Sketches - Barry Coombs Week One

Compositional Sketches – Barry Coombs Week One

I thought the final two compositions were the best so I darkened the basic outlines and moved on.  Next I completed color sketches using the last two compositions.  These were done in a Bee sketchbook that handles watermedia (although not like WC paper). These are not meant to be finished paintings but were helpful as I determined my color scheme. I decided to use Barry’s original color scheme with a very dark background that is primarily brown. I hope I get started on the painting today. The pile of shoes he used for week two is beckoning!

Color Sketch 2

Color Sketch 2

Color Sketch 1

Color Sketch 1



April 22, 2012 April 23, 2012

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Good Morning to all my blogging friends. I have been going through a very dry spell lately – buried in one final tax return and administrative responsibilites for the docent program. I have not felt creative, just tired and worn out. When this happens, drawing or coloring seems to help rejuvenate me. Yesterday I decided to use a set of celtic stencils to create a postcard for my granddaughter who is out of town. I colored it with my Sharpie markers. I chose the colors carefully – green is her favorite color, blue is my favorite color, yellow is her mother’s favorite color and red represents her grandfather (not my husband – other side of the family) who is also suffering from cancer. I hope it looks interesting and cheerful. Like a family, all overlapping and woven together!

Celtic Design Postcard



March 23, 2011 March 24, 2011

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Just a rushed note as we head off for more tests. You all know I love to work with geometric shapes and color. I had never used an ATC for one of these pieces. I like to have ATC’s to send to my family with their Christmas cards. Here is my first ATC sized Geometry painting. Simple and small.

Geometry 1 - ATC



March 16, 2011 March 17, 2011

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On November 14, 2010 I posted a drawing for a new painting I wanted to do. Well I’m a little slow! This is the ninth in a series I’m doing of geometric shapes. Aren’t I clever titling it Geometry 9? As most of you know I am a Purdue math major and am fascinatated by geometric shapes and prizmatic color. I have painted five other paintings similar to this one.

Geometry 9

It took me two years to come to this approach but I think it is very pleasing. I started small by doing three 5″ X 7″ paintings – circle, square, triangle. I moved up to 8″ X 10″ paintings and this completes that set of three. I will now scale up again. As the works get bigger the design gets more complex and the triangle is the most difficult basic shape to work with.  Working with the design of these works is like gymnastics for my brain…difficult to find beauty and balance and power and interest but so satisfying when I do.



November 7, 2010 November 8, 2010

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I have been having such fun working on my first color splish-splash painting. I was very happy with the last of my little black and white paintings. I feel like I learned a lot about values and creating dramatic paintings without color. I probably also learned, at least subconsciously, about composition. Now that I have a little more time and can relax, I decided to try the same concepts but in COLOR! You may remember that these paintings started with the challenge to paint without using a brush and I continued to work with that concept using a brush as little as possible. In truth the entire first step of this painting was done with a brush because my original intent was to paint an underpainting to support a piece of collage art.

SS Color Painting - Step 1 (7" X 10" 140# Arches CP Paper)

But I could not get inspired. The washes of Alizarin Crimson stippled with Indian Red just didn’t motivate me when combined with my gray scale papers, so, after setting it aside for two weeks, I decided to move in a different direction. If you remember when I do brushless painting I use eye droppers, spray bottles, palette knifes, rags, fingers, salts, toothpicks – literally anything to create movement or texture. Even the sprayer at the kitchen sink! At this point I originally thought I was finshed …but hmmmm…not enough drama, not enough contrast, and I don’t like the way the green corner looks…

SS Color - Step 2

OK, here I go – fiddle, diddle, pour, push – is it better? I think I’m finished! Now I will set this painting up somewhere and “live with it” for a few days to see if anything else bothers me.

SS Color - Step 3

I jumped right in and started a larger painting (12″ X 16″) because I was interested to learn how hard it would be to scale-up using things like eye droppers. More tomorrow…