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December 2, 2013 December 2, 2013

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I am having so much fun working with my markers and colored pencils…with line and circle. Here is another drawing done with my gray scale markers. You may remember that I am trying to work on developing good compositions when I do these. This drawing has a major flaw (in my mind). I believe the top right section would look more balanced and interesting if the lines came off like rays of the sun or were at least angled more sharply.

Lines 2 Gray Scale

Lines 2 Gray Scale

With this drawing I wanted minimal, soft color and used pink, blue and purple. I thought of color as an embellishment rather than a major component.

Lines 2 Color

Lines 2 Color



April 23, 2011 April 24, 2011

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On Friday and Saturday I worked on another Flow painting. I seem to be moving away from the idea of flowing blood or blood vessels carrying the flow and am thinking more about the flow of life, about how birth and death are both a natural part of living, along with all the bumps and bruises in between. I think this is probably the most vibrant of my flow paintings. The photo does not quite capture all the subtle glowing blues behind the main circle. I tried to integrate a dark, dark area. This area is different shades of brown and indigo with a final glaze of thalo blue. I also wanted to integrate some of the yellows and greens of Spring. I hope your Easter Day is full of family, faith and blessings!

Flow 3 - 12" X 16" CP Kilimanjaro Paper and Watercolor


April 12, 2011 April 13, 2011

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Monday I received a shipment from Cheap Joe’s. I have been reading about the new Fluid brand watercolor papers on several blogs so I ordered two small blocks of Fluid paper. I used the 6″ X 6″ block for this painting.

Circle of Life

The paper held up very well to a series of really wet layers and the surface is nice but not as creamy as the Langston Prestige. But importantly, the Fluid is cheaper and is therefore good alternative to Arches, which does not stand up well to my really wet style of painting.  I almost never work using a square format and I want to do a series of small square paintings that can be framed to a 5″ X 5″ size. (Why? Who knows!!! Maybe as a design challenge…?) This painting is still based on my thinking and visualization of blood, blood flow, blood vessels, and capillaries. I wanted to work with a circle or ball like shape because I am thinking through a tree with the limbs and roots represented by vessels and capillaries.  Maybe grusome but I’m trying to make my paintings interesting and beautiful like the photos you see in National Geographic. Quite a challenge!


February 20, 2011 February 21, 2011

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My catch phrase for February should be Graphite is Grand! It was rainy yesterday so I found time to relax and to do another little drawing. When I create these little drawings I am using a 6″ X 9″ sketchbook and graphite pencils with several different hardnesses. I usually start with a 6H and that really hard lead seems to the one that “incises” the paper. I’ve also noticed that occasionally I get some incision using my 2B mechanical pencil. Anyway …just adds to the interest! With this drawing I wanted to do something geometric but I included the curved elements so it would not look TOO industrial.  PS The paper is not pink! Couldn’t get the background color in the photo right!!!!!

Abstract Drawing 02202011


November 11, 2010 November 12, 2010

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Another page from my book of stories:


I must admit that I am clearly a left brainer. I am rational and organized and love precision and logic. My undergraduate degree was from Purdue University in Mathematics. Math has been a pleasure for me since I was a little girl. I still remember the joy of unlocking the keys to trigonometry. But I also recognize my natural limitations. I work to free my right brain so I can be spontaneous, creative and experimental. I have had some success by striving to combine both my love of art and mathematics. For four years I have been working on a series of paintings devoted to geometry.  I love the power of basic geometric shapes and tried for about 18 months to find a way to combine the beauty of geometric shapes with prismatic color. A year ago I made a breakthrough and have created five small paintings that have achieved my vision.

Geometry #4 - First in the new geometric Series

To develop these paintings I would choose a shape and work out a strong design in my sketchbook. My focus was on the design and the way the shapes interlock to create variety, interest and a clean simplicity.

Geometry #5

After finalizing my rough drawing. I used a ruler and protractor to make a scale drawing . This allowed me to work out any final design changes. I finished my “to scale” drawing by using colored pencils to determine the color scheme for the painting.

Geometry #6

The final design was then drawn on watercolor paper and painted with pure color using watercolor paint. The design for the triangle shape was by far the most difficult to develop. The circle and square lend themselves to beautiful, symmetrical design. The triangle is much more difficult to “balance”.

I will continue with this series that gives me so much joy. My next objective is to scale up even further – to do larger paintings. I hope the results are spectacular!


May 14, 2010 May 14, 2010

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I spent the last two days mapping out the competition schedule for the balance of the year. It is time to register for the major competitions and I have to be careful about where I show my paintings since most of them forbid paintings that have already been in a juried show. Now that I have this planned I can begin working on framing those I know will need framing.  The only year I competed actively was 2008. In 2009 I took time to study drawing, color theory and composition. I made that my focus and I feel like I have shown improvement…and have continued to improve through more frequent practice, drawing and painting this year (and thanks to all of you for your inspiration comments and support). Even with the ATC’s I make myself think about composition and color selection. I would be in heaven if I have a work accepted by the Hoosier Salon or Watercolor Society of Indiana for their annual juried show this year. Very difficult indeed…but if you never try…well you know how the saying goes.

Now just a comment on my poor little neglected circles and triangles…I think I mentioned that I struggled for a couple of years to find a good way to combine geometric shape and prismatic color. Last fall I found a way that I think is pleasing. I have done five paintings in this series and I started small (5″ X 7″) so I could work on the concept and not get overwhelmed by the size. The first work was a circle and NOT my ubiguitous square.

Geometry #4

The design is pretty simple. Next I tackled the square. Again I kept the design straight forward and simple in concept.

Geometry #5

Then came the triangle. It took me at least 2 weeks of sketching possible designs to find one that “felt right” and looked balanced. This type of work gives me great joy. I hope your find it interesting.

Geometry #6