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November 9, 2014 November 10, 2014

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Tomorrow, along with another docent at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, I am doing a Printmaking Workshop for our Asian Core docents. Marni, my fellow docent, introduced me to gadget prints and I spent yesterday afternoon learning how to do them. Basically, you scavenge your home and garage for “gadgets” that have a nice shape and a sturdy composition so they can be hammered to make an imprint. I found that using styrofoam plates for my printing plate worked well. I could cut them into rectangles on my paper cutter and they are very soft and take an imprint easily. I made two different plates. The below photo shows my two plates after they were inked and their corresponding prints. I learned I could also draw on the plates using a wooden skewer as a stylus. The lighter work had watered down ink so it is not as dark. I learned a lot and like the print with circles (you know me – of course I like circles!) Anyway, this was easy and fun. I’m going to do more with my grandchildren. Enjoy!

Gadget Prints


September 6, 2010 September 7, 2010

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I have continued to practice the art of collage. Composition…values…abstract…representative…SO MUCH to think about! At this point I am still playing with black, 3 grays and white. I think I have two more collages in me before I go bonkers from lack of color, color, color. Anyway, my latest collage did not emerge organically. I went into the piece with the idea of doing a field of flowers. As my husband said when asked if it looked like a field of flowers. I think I was “sort of” successful.

Field of Flowers Collage Exercise

But a good time was had by all (being only me).