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November 4, 2013 November 4, 2013

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When I get stuck or when I have difficulty with one media I switch to another. A year or so ago one of my daughters gave me a whole stack of ATC sized papers, including an assortment pack that included canvas. I don’t do many acrylic paintings but I did sell one last year. It was an impressionistic landscape that included our giant neighborhood oak tree. I decided to try an ATC sized acrylic with a big red maple as my subject. You probably remember that I am fascinated by the glowing oranges, golds and reds of the Indiana forests during autumn. Well here it is. I call it The Red Head at the End of the Road – big name for a little painting.

Red Head at the End of the Road - ATC

Red Head at the End of the Road – ATC




October 21, 2013 October 21, 2013

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I have more good news. The Southside Art League of Indianapolis sponsors the Midwest National Abstract Show. It is going on right now and I was extremely lucky to have two paintings accepted. Both of these paintings were inspired by the beautiful seasons we experience in Indiana. Spring 

Spring - 22" X 23" Waterclor Board

Spring – 22″ X 23″ Watercolor Board

was inspired by the tulips, daffodils, apple blossoms and brilliant greens of the Indiana landscape. Indiana Autumn 3

Indiana Autumn 3 - 300# Arches paper - 15" X 22"

Indiana Autumn 3 – 300# Arches paper – 15″ X 22″

was inspired by the golden glow of the tulip trees and the firy red and orange of the maple trees that fill our Indiana forests.  I feel very grateful to have been accepted. As you may remember, earlier this year I was really struggling with my painting and particularly with my Indiana Autumn series.


April 13, 2013 April 15, 2013

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In an earlier post that you can view here, I talked about Indiana Autmun 2 and how challenging it was to create. This painting is done on plate finish illustration board and it was the first time I worked with this surface. I was not happy with the lower corners of the painting and was playing around with cropping. I couldn’t find a cropping format that worked. I was planning on taking a full sheet painting and cutting it down to half sheet or quarter sheet size. While painting Indiana Autumn 3 I had the earlier painting on an easel for the “living with it” phase and I decided my approach to cropping was wrong. I finally decided to take 3″ off the top and bottom. Affter that I did two pours of paint to unify the painting better. Lots of details for you but at this point I’m much happier with the painting.

Indiana Autumn 2 - Cropped

Indiana Autumn 2 – Cropped

As I’ve mntioned, one of my struggles with this series is that the main color scheme is made up of mid-value colors. The struggle for me has been to add diversity and excitement with darker values.


April 7, 2013 April 9, 2013

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I finally finished my third Indiana Autumn painting. I struggled with this one because the paper was rippling. I was using 300# Arches paper and that paper usually stays very flat and handles large amounts of water well. However, the last shipment I received does not feel as thick as usual. It flexes more than past shipments and when I’ve used 300# in the past it has not rippled. With the techniques I use this can be a major problem. Anyway, the painting took longer than I expected but I did get it completed and am pretty satisfied with the results. Hoosiers out there – what do you think? Does this remind you of an Indiana Autumn? I hope so!

Indiana Autumn 3

Indiana Autumn 3



March 8, 2013 March 8, 2013

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Wow! January 24th to March 8th, something like six weeks, what happened Linda? To make a long story short; four tax returns, two large boxes of files to sort and make decisions about, and (so far) six feet of files to be shredded. And I’m still not done…

Two weeks OK I was so unfocused and brain fuzzy from sorting and shredding that I made myself get back to art. I started working on a second Indiana Autumn painting. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I decided to paint on a surface I was unexperienced with using. I had purchased plate surface illustration board for the Cheng Khee Chee workshop and decided to give it a try. I understood that the surface was hard and slick and that the paint would not be absorbed so I worked on small sections and allowed the paint to dry thoroughly between painting sessions. My usual style of abstract painting allows me to work with a high degree of freedom and spontaneity. It allows my colors to merge and to play together and that is part of my inspiration. It took me two weeks of working on this painting to get finished and the painting has some good stuff and some bad.

Indiana Autumn

Indiana Autumn

One of the things I struggled with while painting the Indiana Autumn paintings is that Indiana autumns are all red and gold – there is not a lot of diversity in the values you see. I was really unhappy with the darker sections at the bottom of the painting where I tried to introduce some deeper values. Anyway, I am currently thinking about cropping the painting to save some of the good parts and discard some of the bad. I am playing with cropping on iPhoto and here is one possibility.

Indiana Autumn - Cropped

Indiana Autumn – Cropped

I don’t know how much more time I will spend on this. I still have lots of files and shredding to deal with. And I want to get back to Barry’s lessons. I did make the improvements he suggested and I did start some compositional drawings before I got distracted by my administrative responsibilities. I guess that’s LIFE!


January 9, 2013 January 9, 2013

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The last few weeks of 2013 were very rough for me and I didn’t seem to be able to create during that period. One thing I realized is that I do my best work when I am heavily invested in the subject…and the subject can be anything. I am an Indiana farm girl and one of my life long sources of enjoyment is the beauty of an Indiana autumn. I mentioned this earlier and the ATC’s I created for family in 2012 were all inspired by the glorious, glowing Indiana fall leaves and our juicy apples with their reds, golds, yellows and oranges. I also did one of my abstract paintings during late December. It was inspired by the joy I feel when walking through the woods on a Indiana fall day. Sunshine warming my back, breeze cooling my face,  colors delighting my eyes. I get a feeling of peace, calm and rightness with the world. I hope you feel the same.

Indiana Autumn 1 - Half sheet 300# Arches and Watercolor

Indiana Autumn 1 – Half sheet 300# Arches and Watercolor


October 16, 2012 October 17, 2012

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Some of you that have followed my blog for awhile will remember that I give my family ATC’s for Christmas. They get an original work of art with their Christmas card and I have fun creating them. Two days ago I suddenly realized I had not started making my ATC’s (artist trading cards)…not one! Luckily I am immersed in a vibrant, glowing Indiana autumn. When I walked Buffy and Baxter yesterday I gathered a handful of beautiful red and orange maple leaves. They are full of color and vitality and I made a start. Photography exaggerates the flaws since these are so small.

Maple Leaf 2 – ATC

Maple Leaf 1 – ATC


November 18, 2010 November 19, 2010

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On October 20th I posted a painting I was working on. I was really having trouble with part of it and have been thinking and working on it off and on for several days. I think I have taken the painting as far as I can right now. I still don’t know if it is finished but for now I am calling it complete. I hope that, with all the work and rework, I have not lost the lovely glow of Indiana in the autumn.

Indiana Autumn


October 20, 2010 October 20, 2010

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I am not quite done with this but close. I have a problem I trying to solve. I’m not sure if I can to be honest. My husband convinced me that my man and dog needed to be lower than I originally planned. I planned to have them walking through the sunlit area but he felt strongly that they should be lower and when I put my drawing on tracing paper it looked good. The problem is that the paint already applied in this area was already pretty dark with quite a bit of texture. I have been working with the man and I have lost some of his shape but I am fairly happy with the colors but the dog is a ghost dog at this point. I am setting it aside for tonight and while think on this awhile…

Indiana Autumn 90%


October 19, 2010 October 19, 2010

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I couldn’t decide whether to post my work-in-progress but it is about 75% of the way to completion and the most important component of the subject matter is yet to come. I love color and I love the Indiana autumn. I love the red and gold maple trees and I love walking my dogs every morning. All of these marvelous things are coming together (slowly!) in this painting. So here goes:

Indiana Autumn 75% of the way to completion