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November 20, 2011 November 21, 2011

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We had lots of time in waiting rooms last week so I worked on another Automatic Drawing with my trusty Sharpie markers. I started by drawing lines and curves randomly. Then I drew spirals and curls but in a controlled way. I’ve learned that working in a totally automatic mode I do not get a well balanced work when I color it in. I tried to make sure that I had a balanced “weight” of line within each quadrant of the drawing. I am also learning to be a little more systematic and thoughtful during the coloring process. For the first time I had shapes that I changed after applying the first layer of color. You can do this if you go darker. Anyway, with this drawing, I entertained myself over three days of waiting. Yes! No perfect but FUN…

Auto Drawing 11202011



November 2, 2011 November 4, 2011

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Ken is home now. The pinching of the nerves in his back will probably not get much better but they have developed a good pain management program and he will be going to physical therapy for a while. They are going to do targeted radiation therapy to reduce the pain in his shoulder and to remove excess tissue in his pelvis so there is not so much pushing on the nerves. This should last for about 6 to 12 months. He is tired and sleeping and I have to keep reminding everyone that he just had chemo last Thursday and is just entering the nadir period when his blood cells are the lowest. I got tremendous support from my friends and family yesterday and made some chances to the house because they don’t want hime climbing stairs for a while.

Anyway, I have one more “hospital” drawing to show. I started this before he entered the hospital. I did an automatic drawing and then started working in watercolor. I wanted to get this completed so on the last day of his hospital stay I took my markers and finished. With this one, I tried to focus more on design and the role that the white and black can play in the composition. I am HAPPY TO BE HOME and amazed at the twists life continues to throw us.

Auto-Drawing 11022011 (9" X 12") Heavy Paper Sketchbook



October 25, 2011 October 26, 2011

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Tomorrow Ken has his fourth round of chemo. Last night I was thinking about our journey and how much I love him. I had my sketchpad with me and did a curvy, swirly auto-drawing with some hearts in it. The word I was thinking about at the time was Heartscape – like a landscape for your emotions. I did the drawing with a black Sharpie and then, having just finished the new biography of Lee Krasner and having just watched the movie Pollack, decided to use some color to “fill-in” the blanks.

Heartscape Drawing

It’s not perfect but I learned a lot about composition and balance as I worked on this last night. Hope you enjoy… Tell someone you love them today!


October 10, 2011 October 12, 2011

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For those of you who were interested in my post discussing automatic drawing (yesterday) check out this video from YouTube. It helped me understand a practical application.

I started working through the EDM (Every Day Matters) list of objects several months ago. I did the first three items rapidly and then got stuck. The fourth item on the list is a mug, cup or glass. I knew immediately what I wanted to show. My mother bought a cheerful set of red mugs 25 years ago. I always really liked them. They were bright red with small whte roses and bright green leaves. When Mom died in 2002, she still had two mugs from the set and I inherited them. I still use them for my morning coffee almost every day. Everytime I look at them I am still cheered by their fresh, bright color and I think of my mother. You get it…they mean a lot to me. I have this thing – I am scared to death to paint something that is extremely meaningful to me. I am afraid I will not be able to communicate what they represent for me – that I will fail them – dismally, heartbreakingly! Sunday, when I had my markers out to work on automatic drawing, I just jumped right in. This sketch is not a good one, it does not communicate well but at least I have broken through this barrier. My mug is surrounded by the orange juice, english muffin and cereal that I have for breakfast almost every day. I am a creature of habit! Done quickly and roughly but done…

EDM 4 - My Mug



October 9, 2011 October 11, 2011

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Last Thursday and Friday were spent at the Simon Cancer Center as we  went through Ken’s third round of chemo.  This is a journey…we just don’t know yet how it will end. I always use this time to explore – this time I am still trying to get my arms around automatic drawing and I am struggling. I have used the internet to try to understand the definition and have used YouTube to watch artists creating using automatic drawing. Some of these are clearly NOT automatic drawing. Anyway on October 7th, 8th, and 9th I created automatic drawings. I think they got more exciting as I created each new piece of work.

Automatic Drawing - October 8, 2011

Automatic Drawing Oct 7, 2011

On October 7th I started with a spiral shape and went from there. I have trouble moving away from my first shape so as I shifted I used derivatives of a spiral – ovals, circles and dots…in this case pretty ho-hum!

On October 8th, I started by drawing some intersecting lines and then began adding trapezoidal shapes. This did not fire my imagination so I began thinking about the boomerang shapes on 1950’s tabletops. I drew kidney- bean shaped amoeba like shapes and then embellished with circles and dots. ..a little better.

On Sunday, October 9th I watched several videos on YouTube, and while I don’t believe I had a break through in understanding, I was able to draw a swirling homage to nature. Not sure if it is automatic drawing but it is very pleasant to view.

Automatic Drawing - October 9, 2011

I still wonder…how is automatic drawing different from doodling?


September 15, 2011 September 19, 2011

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I have been intrigued by the recent posts that discuss automatic drawing. Leslie’s post is here. Take a look, it is fascinating. Chris Carter has also written several posts about squiggle drawing and this is mentioned in Leslie’s post. This looks like fun to me so I tried it last Thursday when Ken and I were at the Cancer Center for his latest chemotherapy treatment. I’m not showing my first drawing – it looks like a demented skull – but I will show my second.

Auto drawing 09152011

I started with the ball in the lower left and as you can see I had trouble getting off it. Just spun round and round. When I did, I had fun and a vision of two ladies sitting on a park bench talking emerged. Do you see them? Fun, relaxing, destressing. Thank you Chris and Leslie!