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April 9, 2017 April 13, 2017

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On Sunday I had a fabulous day. I visited the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY and loved it. We had beautiful weather and I was able to wander the grounds to see all of the magnificent horses at my leisure. I saw the Parade of Champions (included Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses and Standardbreds). All had won many races, were housed in lush quarters and were made available to see and touch. I also saw the Breed’s Show and was amazed by some of what I saw. The show included 3 breeds I have never encountered. One was America’s one and only draft horse. They are called the American Cream Draft and are a beautiful rich creamy color. There are only about three hundred in the world. Once again we were able to get up close and personal with the horses. It was wonderful to see how gentle the horses were with very small children.

I also took an hour long trail ride that allowed me to go back into the farm, riding around the large paddocks and fields and seeing the horses that were not on display. I had my sketchbook with me and was able to start a sketch that I finished later. I had my Caran d’Ache watercolor crayons with me and used them to fill in the color in my sketch. Much less messy than my watercolor paints. Hope you enjoy!


Mare and Foal KHP 20170409




9 Responses to “April 9, 2017”

  1. JudyS Says:

    Wow! Love this post, Linda! Also love your sketch (as did Jerry! He was very impressed!) Buen viaje!


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  2. Harriett Smith Says:

    Love the horses, love the city! Love your soft depiction. I have a sister-in-law from Lexington and spent lovely hours there. You captured it perfectly!

    • Harriett, as I drove around that area I kept thinking that it was one of the most beautiful areas in the US. A gentle, verdant landscape that would be a wonderful place to live. And the horses!!! I just relaxed into the place.

  3. Doc Kandinsky Says:

    Very nice drawing. You really caught that little horse’s look . Lovely

  4. ruthsartwork Says:

    I love the little foal. I ride too and had my own horse for 17 years – a wonderful quarter horse named Lady. Now I get to ride a friend’s FEI warmblood a few times a month and her Spanish Lusitano.

    • Since I lost my last dog I am craving “animal touch”. I talked to my stable on Sunday and will likely beginning grooming some of the horses that are not being ridden very much. Ones that need TLC. My stable is very good at supporting rescue and therapy efforts. They just transferred two of their horses to Agape temporarily to work with children as therapy horses. Good for the kids, good for the horses.

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