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March 3, 2017 March 4, 2017

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I have often wondered if I would work better in oil or acrylic instead of watercolor. Since this is a time for exploration, I used a very small 6 inch by 8 inch canvas to paint a scene in acrylic. My husband and I spend six months living in Germany at the end of 2014. I worked in Mannheim and we lived in Heidelberg. One of our favorite explorations was a trip to Amsterdam that allowed us to see remarkable art and to explore the Dutch countryside. We visited late in the year, a time of damp and rainy weather. I decided to use a view of a windmill for my first, tiny acrylic painting. I wanted to see if I could capture the feeling of a damp, misty morning. The actual painting has a more unified surface and my dabs (particularly in the sky) do not stand out like they do in the photo. I’m no photographer but I love my iPhone and it usually does a great job for me.  Oh well, I do my best!


Misty Morning, 6 inch by 8 inch acrylic on canvas


4 Responses to “March 3, 2017”

  1. Lovely and you did capture the mood. So….are you now working with
    acrylic? It takes some time to switch mediums. Time to gather experience and settle in. Well that’s what I have experienced. Again…very nice painting and I would hang it because it is so peaceful….brush on!

    • I haven’t given up watercolor but I daughter just closed a painting studio and I had an opportunity to buy a large number of unopened acrylic paints in beautiful colors so I thought I would give it a try. I think I do ok with watercolor abstracts but am not very good with realistic work so I thought I would try acrylics for some landscapes and still lives. This painting does have a peaceful feel and looks better in person than on the computer. I do like it….Thank you for your kind words.

  2. ruthsartwork Says:

    Very nice, Linda. Starting small in a new medium seems like a good idea. It can be so easy to get overwhelmed by the blank space, especially when you first begin.

    • Ruth, you are so right. It has been many months since I have done much painting so I am also working small with my watercolors. Even my abstracts will only be quarter sheets right now. I need to get my confidence back.

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