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November 25, 2014 November 25, 2014

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I have finished my battle with yellow, orange and red! Not my best, not my worst. The hardest color to work with was quinacridone violet, a violet-red. I am glad this is finished and am thinking about where to go next – paint a traditional subject in yellow, orange and red – harmony in yellow, green and blue – decision time!

Harmony in Yellow, Orange and Red

Harmony in Yellow, Orange and Red


7 Responses to “November 25, 2014”

  1. Interesting and what did you find difficult about the violet? I love the quinacridone straight watercolors and I have a few tubes of the ‘oil watercolors’, but haven’t used them. The violet is one of them.

    • It was darker than I expected but that may be my fault since looking back I seem to have left it too isolated. I think the Arches paper was rippling by then because I work so wet and it was probably puddling because of that (or something else) I had three dark spots that seemed to freckle and draw my eye. They weren’t pleasing but that may have been just me. I tried to soften the edges by working with a strong red around the edges but it also migrated as it dried and I didn’t get the look I wanted. My process is so much luck and I have so little control and have to work with what I’m given. I do know I am using a different paper for my next painting. I always have difficulty with Arches 140# with this process. My first three Harmony paintings were on Kilimanjaro which is not so problematic. I think it is just a mis-match between material and process not a problem with the quoin violet..

      • I haven’t tried to make this paint work but the straight watercolor gold and red I use frequently. The ‘water oil’ does behave differently. One of these days I will experiment. Happy Thanksgiving Linda

  2. Carol King Says:

    I like this one very much. The color harmony works very well. The lost edges in your circles are great. There is quite a bit of movement in this painting. (At least to me.)

  3. lesliepaints Says:

    Energy! Just pure energy! …and hot, hot, hot! The depth in this painting is what caught my eye the most. How very strong! Love it!

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