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November 22, 2014 November 22, 2014

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I am struggling with my next “Harmony” painting. I am working with yellow, orange and red and the red keeps overwhelming the painting. Right now I have a painting with freckles. I will keep trying to unify and create harmony.

I have been having fun with the ATC’s for my family. I have created the three collages for my three daughters (the first two were for my brother and sister). I’ve tried to make these whimsical and fun. The first, for my oldest daughter was a giggle to work on, I could not keep from smiling as I made it. The background is from an ad that is in many of the artist magazines right now and I think it is for markers or a book on zentangles, the polar bear is from the National Geographic Expeditions catalog, the bird is from a catalog with clothes and decorative arts and the “iceberg with the cherry on top” is from the cover of the Artist’s magazine. I was fascinated by the idea of a polar bear roaming an iceberg made of whipped cream floating on a tranquil turquoise sea!

Collage 3 2014 ATC

Collage 3 2014 ATC

The collage for my second daughter got its background from a competition winner in the Artist’s magazine 2013 competition. It is a painting of a young girl seeming to be underwater with aquatic vegetation floating around her head – very surreal.  The two different types of fish are from two different photos I found and the strip of blue is from the cover of a travel catalog showing blue tropical waters. You can barely see the features of the girl peaking out in a couple of places.

Collage 4 2014 ATC

Collage 4 2014 ATC

For my third daughter I found a brilliant blue butterfly that dominates the ATC.  The background is from a very attractive and brilliantly colored abstract painting in one of my magazines. It reminds me of aboriginal art from Australia. The blue strip is again of waves from a travel brochure and the leaves are cut from a green background which had interesting texture and color. I also added one little purple square from my first four ATC’s that I made for my friends. It appears to be a little cockeyed. Like me and my sense of humor?

Collage 5 2014 ATC

Collage 5 2014 ATC





8 Responses to “November 22, 2014”

  1. Nice symbolism in this one. You have uncovered a talent with your new art.

  2. Carol King Says:

    These are all fantastic Linda. I love your composition, colors and symbolism. All in a tiny ATC!

    You might be interested in doing the International Collage Exchange. I did it one year and posted about it. My friend Jean Tock takes part in it each year. You can see her collages on the link on my blog if you’re interested. Here’s the link for the collage exchange

    Maybe it will be a good break from working on your “harmony” series. 🙂 Based on what you’ve posted I think you may like the collage exchange. 😉

  3. Jana Bouc Says:

    Wow! Your work is amazing! I really admire your wonderful composition skill. Composition is not a strong point for me–always a challenge. I bet working on collage is a great way to get practice building composition skills–thanks for the inspiration!

    • Several years ago I did a series of collages using gray scale papers. I am always compositionally challenged and continue to try to learn more. Doing abstracts I seem to get confused about what “good” composition looks like.

  4. lesliepaints Says:

    My goodness you are so productive right now! I love each and every one of these cards you are designing. The color in these are gorgeous, Linda!

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