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August 6, 2014 August 7, 2014

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Well folks I feel lucky. Earlier this year I decided not to enter the Indiana State Fair because I felt like I wasn’t doing anything worthwhile. Every thing I touched seemed to turn to mud! We all go through that, don’t we? When I returned from Italy in early July, I realized how much I enjoy entering my art in the Indiana State Fair. I am an Indiana farm girl who spent her summers immersed in 4-H activities and completing projects to enter in our county and state fairs – sewing, baking, studying forestry and gardening, canning and freezing and raising black angus cattle. It was a great way to grow up. Very close to nature.

At the last minute, I made the decision to enter and was able to pull together pieces that were suitable for entry in the watercolor, drawing and experimental categories. It made me feel good to finish this activity and to deliver my work to the fair. Yesterday I visited the fair and was really surprised and pleased to see that one of paintings won third place in the Experimental Category – my first State Fair ribbon. I am so proud – and even better – someone liked my painting enough to buy it the first weekend of the fair! Wow! How excited am I!  Here’s the painting “100 Degree Summer”. (We’ve had a few of those lately!)

100 Degree Summer

100 Degree Summer


17 Responses to “August 6, 2014”

  1. Harriett Smith Says:

    Congratulations, Linda! What a wonderful award – sentimental AND important! I was so looking forward to today at the IMA. I’ve been up all night after throwing my back out late yesterday. I’m hoping the Motrin will start working and allow me to get in the car in a few hours. Right now I am in pretty bad pain. Hope to see you later, Harriett

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  2. Chris Carter Says:

    Excellent!! Hooray! Congratulations! I began my life in Indiana, too……. and farm life is in my blood. I remember going to the Indiana State Fair as a kid, with my grandfather and great uncles.

    • Chris, what part of the state did you live in? How long were you here? I’m a lifer! I grew up in Hancock County just east of Indianapolis on an 80 acre farm. We grew corn and soybeans and raised primarily angus cattle but occasionally sheep and pigs. PS I like your new photo!

  3. Stacia Says:

    So exciting! Congrats! BTW, this work causes me to imagine a hot summer in the mountainous Southwest US, with a cooling reservoir in the foreground.

  4. Beth Parker Says:

    Yay!!! Congratulations, Linda! That is wonderful! Keep making art, girlie!

  5. Ruth Bailey Says:

    Linda, this one sizzles with heat! You have just the right touch with the contrast of cooler colors at the bottom. Well done!

    • Thank you Ruth…as I’ve learned more about great art (largely due to my docent activities) I have started to think about and to be conscious of color temperature. It really makes a difference.

  6. lesliepaints Says:

    Congratulations, Linda!

  7. carolcking Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Linda! I love this painting and can feel the heat coming from it.

  8. Robert Says:

    This is wonderful news Linda, well done 🙂


  9. ruthsartwork Says:

    Congratulations, Linda. What a nice way to spend the summer. I like the colors in this one. Sometimes a little pressure can be a good thing.

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