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January 6, 2014 January 6, 2014

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A very happy new year to everyone. I have been busy with family activities and year-end tours at the Indianapolis Museum of art. I have been drawing sporadically but have not had time to finish anything – until this morning! It is amazing what a wind chill of 35 below zero and 12 inches of snow will do for you – stay home and work on projects you have in process!!!!

With my latest line drawing I wanted to move away from the very formal, symmetrical, precise style to something more random and unstructured. Here is my most recent gray scale drawing. I wasn’t totally happy with it because I felt it needed more “weight” in the upper left quadrant and I hadn’t yet worked out how I was going to handle that problem.

Lines 4 Gray Scale

Lines 4 Gray Scale

I first decided to use my darkest values in the top half of the drawing but I really like color so indigo blue didn’t excite me. Instead I worked to get a balanced color composition and added additional lines to rebalance the composition. I started by making all of my colors muted and drab but couldn’t leave it that way. I just prefer cleaner, brighter colors! maybe it’s because I’m watching the portrait section of a Teaching Company class on Dutch art that’s full of blacks, grays and earth tones. I hunger for color…

Lines 4 Color

Lines 4 Color


4 Responses to “January 6, 2014”

  1. Rachel Carter Says:


  2. Rachel, thank you for visiting! I appreciate your comment.

  3. Carol King Says:

    Who doesn’t hunger for color. Although I like both your monochromatic and color painting.

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