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May 7, 2013 May 8, 2013

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I have been having pain in my right arm and numbness in my right hand since November. Yesterday I had my physical and the doctor thinks I have inflammation of a nerve that runs down my arm and into my hand. Treatment has started and I won’t be able to do much with this hand and arm for a week or two so I thought I would “go back to the beginning”. In 2007 I realized that my love of art extended to the point of creating serious art. I have always been a drawer and a doodler and have taken occasional watercolor classes but my paintings were based on lessons in books or paintings of photographs  from calendars. I had never created art from scratch. I also had done NOTHING for 14 years. I dove in head first and have continued to learn and grow over the last six years.

I have always been fascinated by concepts and enchanted by certain words or groups of words. In 2008 I stumbled on the concept of the “Golden Mean” and started trying to think through interesting ways to use this concept. The painting below  was my first try and the first painting I sold in a gallery.

Tree - 2008

Tree – 2008

I started with the silhouette drawings used to differentiate different categories of trees in one of my landscaping books (for example; pyramidal shaped deciduous tree). Then I used a free form diagram of a landscape plan as the back ground. I have always been fascinated with calligraphy and oriental art so I integrated the word Tree and tried to give it an oriental look (today I could write TREE in actual calligraphy!) I had enormous fun with this and am still pleased to look back at it.



11 Responses to “May 7, 2013”

  1. Chris Carter Says:

    It’s never too late to start from the beginning. I did that with color four years ago and never imagined I would experience so much joy! Speedy recovery.

  2. Chris, I have been thinking about you. I will be in Napa Valley next week and looked at your website to see when you will be teaching in Santa Rosa. Unfortunately, I will miss you. I was incredibly disappointed! My daughter is a chef and is taking a course at the CIA Campas in Calistoga. maybe some day…

  3. ruthsartwork Says:

    I love the colors and I like the juxtaposition of the landscape view and the elevation views of the trees. The word struck me as oriental even before I read your text. Isn’t it nice to have photos of older work. There are so many things I wish I had pictures of but before digital cameras, it was a bit more difficult. Well, that and moving and throwing away things accidentally. LOL

    • I really had fun challenging my limited ability to create a composition. I was a really newbie in 2008 and this was a true learning experience. For archiving what we’ve done digital cameras are a blessing.

  4. Carol King Says:

    Hi Linda, I very much like the feel of this painting with the round green shapes that looks like I’m looking at bushy trees from above and your pyramid shaped trees. I find this to be very calming.

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      I like the colors in this one and find it calming and peaceful. It was a compositional exercise (challenge) and interesting to complete.

  5. lesliepaints Says:

    Hope you are healing, Linda.

  6. Fascinating Linda. I’ve become absorbed in the gestalt. I do so enjoy your posts.

  7. Fascinating work Linda, I see the gestalt in your work. Hope your arm improves.

  8. Jonathan Day Says:

    Really hope you’re doing OK, or better than OK. I very much like the experiments you’ve been making.

  9. Carol King Says:

    Hi Linda,hope everything’s ok.

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