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April 13, 2013 April 15, 2013

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In an earlier post that you can view here, I talked about Indiana Autmun 2 and how challenging it was to create. This painting is done on plate finish illustration board and it was the first time I worked with this surface. I was not happy with the lower corners of the painting and was playing around with cropping. I couldn’t find a cropping format that worked. I was planning on taking a full sheet painting and cutting it down to half sheet or quarter sheet size. While painting Indiana Autumn 3 I had the earlier painting on an easel for the “living with it” phase and I decided my approach to cropping was wrong. I finally decided to take 3″ off the top and bottom. Affter that I did two pours of paint to unify the painting better. Lots of details for you but at this point I’m much happier with the painting.

Indiana Autumn 2 - Cropped

Indiana Autumn 2 – Cropped

As I’ve mntioned, one of my struggles with this series is that the main color scheme is made up of mid-value colors. The struggle for me has been to add diversity and excitement with darker values.


15 Responses to “April 13, 2013”

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      Thank you! I was a bit flummoxed for a while. There are times when I have to step away and wait for inspiration and a new approach.

  1. Chris Carter Says:

    Beautiful. Well resolved and powerful!

  2. Yes I agree about the darks adding excitement. Contrast is important. The last thing that I do before publishing a painting is to add darks. Brings everything alive.

  3. nannus Says:

    The dark is adding interesting textures as well as some plasticity. Great!

  4. Ruth Bailey Says:

    This is wonderful! The cropping of the top and bottom has intensified those fiery autumnal colors while still allowing your lines and circle to create movement across the piece.

  5. Stacia Says:

    I would describe this muted version as “Indiana Autumn: Before the Dawn”. It’s an intriguing idea because who ever paints/photographs the fall leaves when they’re not trying to show their brilliance? It now looks like just a hint of light is hitting the upper leaves.

    I like this cropping.

    I also still like your original piece because I liked how the super bright areas reminded me of some of those absolutely gorgeous, radiantly colorful days (As you know, I just didn’t care for the side cropping and thought it needed a tad more blue sky in the white areas).

    So, I say “bravo” to both concepts! Perhaps they could even be displayed together. . . .

  6. ruthsartwork Says:

    I’m so glad you kept the green. I do like the more horizontal format for this. It has so much flow to it.

  7. Gray Dawster Says:

    This is a brilliant painting, and cropped or not it is visually stunning 🙂


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