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April 7, 2013 April 9, 2013

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I finally finished my third Indiana Autumn painting. I struggled with this one because the paper was rippling. I was using 300# Arches paper and that paper usually stays very flat and handles large amounts of water well. However, the last shipment I received does not feel as thick as usual. It flexes more than past shipments and when I’ve used 300# in the past it has not rippled. With the techniques I use this can be a major problem. Anyway, the painting took longer than I expected but I did get it completed and am pretty satisfied with the results. Hoosiers out there – what do you think? Does this remind you of an Indiana Autumn? I hope so!

Indiana Autumn 3

Indiana Autumn 3



10 Responses to “April 7, 2013”

  1. Chris Carter Says:

    I’m a Hoosier, but I don’t know what Autumn in Indiana is like. Hmmmmm. maybe I should try to schedule a workshop there in Autumn. What do you think? For some reason, the painting brings me to Australia though I’ve only visited there in movies and books. love it!

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      Because we have a lot of maple trees in our wooded areas the Fall season is really beautiful – glowing with reds and golds, oaks add deep reds, purples and greens and the sumac blazes with garnet red. Its a really special time and crowds of people flock to southern Indiana to see the leaves each Fall.

  2. theINFP Says:

    I’ve never been to Indiana, although I do see autumn in the rich, vibrant colours 🙂

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      It is a season full of rich colors. I love walking in Ft Benjamin Harrison State Park but you to watch for falling walnuts…clunk!

  3. ruthsartwork Says:

    I love the reds and golds. I wish we could have had these colors the last few years for the fall. Maybe we won’t have a drought this year to mute the colors.

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      We still had pretty good color in the middle of the state. I am hoping for more rain this year – last year was brutal.

  4. Jonathan Day Says:

    “Satisfied with the results” — and well you should be.This one packs a pleasant punch,.

  5. lesliepaints Says:

    It’s fine for Indiana Autumn. I have really enjoyed these larger abstracts you do. Uhm, some of my students have talked about how Arches 140lb coldpress feels different to work on. Arches sold to Canson this past year, you know. I am still working from my batches of paper I purchased before, so haven’t bought any recently to know. I am beginning to wonder and hope Canson isn’t changing something.

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