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April 6, 2013 April 7, 2013

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I continue to play with my notecards and crayons. I am finding one interesting challenge. I tape down the notecard to keep the paper flat and to define the white border around the painting. When I wet the paper it makes a big flat bubble and the water begins to run off the paper like rain running down a mountain side. This gives nice mixes and mingles of color BUT it also pulls out the wrinkles I have created in the shrinkwrap. I need the wrinkles to give texture and interest but they just slide away. With this notecard I tried to give more texture by applying a second layer…and a third. It didn’t turn out well and I really abused the paper. This notecard will carry a note to my Granddaughter – she’ll appreciate it because its hand-made by Grandma.

Notecard 2

Notecard 2

When I made my third notecard I decided to lay heavy books on the painting after the water and shrink wrap were applied. This seems to be reasonable solution. I was very patient and let this one dry completely before removing the shrink wrap.

Notecard 3

Notecard 3

I have two more notecards started this morning and I am almost done with a third Indiana Autumn painting.  Proud of my productivity considering that I watched NCAA basketball games and Les Miz yesterday. House cleaning – what’s that!!??


4 Responses to “April 6, 2013”

  1. I am very impatient with waiting for the paper to dry beneath plastic wrap. Sometimes I have to dry the paper and apply a second coat and new plastic wrap.

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      I have tried that but I seem to loose so much of the texture. If I get it on the first round I get a better overall look. I just keep trying and learning. Even under a heavy book many of the wrinkles seem to slip away. Sigh…

      • It seems that where the wrap bulges the paint collects and the pattern forms. I would think that if you weighed it all down with a book that you would get less of a pattern.

  2. Jonathan Day Says:

    Some delightfully subtle things going on here.

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