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March 12, 2013 March 12, 2013

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Good news! Yesterday evening I finished shredding the last materials from the two big boxes Ken had in storage. I still have to work on the files in the office but that can wait for a week or two. Having this finished just might impprove my mood.

This morning I finished a second project that has been nagging at me. At the end of September, 2011 I made color swatches of all of my watercolor materials – tubes, pans, pencils, crayons, even my Yarka kid’s set. This morning I finally did my comparisons and was generally very pleased with the results.

Color stability testing

Color stability testing

I had two blues from a set of Pebeo pan watercolors that looked borderline but my big surprise was that all three of my sets of watercolor pencils had colors that failed. Cretacolor had a red and a green that had slight fading. Reeves had two blues, one with substantial fading.

A blue that faded

A blue that faded

Inktense also had several colors with slight fading (Inktense colors were generally brighter and more saturated.)

Color Test 5

I plan to mark all of the colors that are suspect with tape so I don’t use them. I also plan to put all of them into a second color test. As I mentioned some of the fading was very slight and I don’t want to eliminate colors when something else might have contributed. Anyway, This was a very good activity and has relieved some concerns that I had.


10 Responses to “March 12, 2013”

  1. Harriett Says:

    So, that’s how artists do “Spring Cleaning”!

    • Stacia Says:

      It’s news to me, too! Thanks for the education!

      • I am so happy to have these two things completed. The boxes had been hiding in a spare room closet but I knew they were there screaming for attention. (I didn’t really know what was in them. I found Ken’s youngest sister’s high school diploma!)

  2. ruthsartwork Says:

    Congratulations! Shredding is such a mindless chore and only “easy” to do when you are not having to read over things before doing it. I hope you have a good one and don’t have to stop often to let it cool off.

    That’s a good idea checking out the light fastness of the watercolors. I am now using American Journey watercolors that Leslie recommended. I found a Krylon spray that is supposed to be uv blocking for both the pastels and watercolor.

    • My problem was that so much of what I shredded was financial and tax information and included signatures, account numbers and SS numbers. I had to look at everything. I burnt up one shredder and then went an office supply cshop and bought the sturdiest home shredder they had. It is nice to have a break.

      Be a little careful with sprays. One of the art magazines recently had a Q&A about watercolors and the responder recommended avoiding sprays (or any other sealant actually) on watercolor works since they all seem to have a tendency to either degrade or darken watercolors. I have never been able to figure out which risk is worse!

  3. House cleaning……..opens the pathway to the soul.

  4. theINFP Says:

    Impressive work, well done!

  5. Carol King Says:

    I know it must have been hard for you to clean out your husbands things, but I do know what you’re talking about feeling lighter once it’s done.

    Thanks for the info on the watercolor materials. I have some inktense pencils I should try this experiment on. I do love the swatches.

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