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January 9, 2013 January 9, 2013

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The last few weeks of 2013 were very rough for me and I didn’t seem to be able to create during that period. One thing I realized is that I do my best work when I am heavily invested in the subject…and the subject can be anything. I am an Indiana farm girl and one of my life long sources of enjoyment is the beauty of an Indiana autumn. I mentioned this earlier and the ATC’s I created for family in 2012 were all inspired by the glorious, glowing Indiana fall leaves and our juicy apples with their reds, golds, yellows and oranges. I also did one of my abstract paintings during late December. It was inspired by the joy I feel when walking through the woods on a Indiana fall day. Sunshine warming my back, breeze cooling my face,  colors delighting my eyes. I get a feeling of peace, calm and rightness with the world. I hope you feel the same.

Indiana Autumn 1 - Half sheet 300# Arches and Watercolor

Indiana Autumn 1 – Half sheet 300# Arches and Watercolor


14 Responses to “January 9, 2013”

  1. The orange is wonderful and enlivening.

  2. Ruth Bailey Says:

    Linda, this one is gorgeous! I like the bright path through the painting. It is filled with energy and yet peaceful at the same time.

  3. theINFP Says:

    The vibrancy of the colours is so energising, not what I would expect of watercolour.

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      I have worked very hard to get good saturation. It can be hard with watercolor. I want a vibrant look to most of my abstracts.

  4. Stacia Says:

    Love it! I enjoy how the color makes your eye move across the entire piece, just as if you were admiring an autumnal landscape.

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      I tried to “shape” (compose) this abstract like a landscape while still getting at the flow concept – flow of time, flow of seasons, flow of life.

  5. lesliepaints Says:

    These paintings are always so pleasing, Linda. Really did a great job of featuring orange with blue. I know how messy that “could” become.

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      Thank you Leslie. I let each layer dry thoroughly between painting sessions. I think that’s why I didn’t get mud.

  6. Jonathan Day Says:

    A thoroughly buoyant work of art.

  7. Carol King Says:

    This is stunning! How do you do the white lines?

  8. I grew up on a farm in central Indiana. There so many visual memories of the land and climate that Indiana has for me as well. The fall was beautiful and crisp. I am a high school art teacher who lives in Tennessee now.

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