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May 27, 2012 May 27, 2012

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Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis and looking forward to great things today. First the race. The coverage has already started – right now the topic is the dedicated fans that spend the night camping at the gates waiting to claim their favorite spot. Later the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing”. It is an exhilarating experience but after four or five times attending I decided that was enough. Now I listen on the radio while planting flowers. Our family is getting together later in the day. I have the responsibility for the fried chicken. Ymm-o!

Here is my final work based on the trip to NYC. I did this painting after returning home. It started out as my latest experiment with Yupo but as I worked I began to think about walking the streets and subway stations of New York about the rough surface and the colorful bits of paper, about the wear and tear of daily life and all the traffic. I think that comes across in this little abstract.


This painting was done in watercolor on a quarter sheet of Yupo and has a little of everything in it. Multiple layers of paint, at least three collage layers, some pencil, some colored pencil, some charcoal, all topped off with a touch of dry brushed gesso. I must have my mind on food – sounds like a sundae!



11 Responses to “May 27, 2012”

  1. Harriett Smith Says:

    Talk about a renaissance woman! You can paint like an angelAND fry a mean chicken! My multi-talented friend!!

  2. Looks like a glass collage. So nice.

  3. Linda. I love this painting. Those colors call to me. I saw a magnificent watercolor a few days ago in a doctor’s office. I forgot to write down the artist’s name…but I’ll get it. Thank you for checking into my blog…I will connect with you.

  4. hannekekoop Says:

    Linda, I don’t know what it is, but I love this one very much. The colours, the structure; from a distance it makes me think of blossom. So beautiful.

  5. Gump Says:

    We codul’ve done with that insight early on.

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