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May 20, 2012 May 20, 2012

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Another sketch from New York’s Central Park. This one is of the Belvedere looking across the Turtle Pond. This is an incredibly beautiful vista. I had to darken my original sketch.  It is amazing how light all of my sketches turned out. Bright sunlight definitely plays tricks with a person’s vision.

The Belvedere in Central Park

This is graphite in my 6″ X 9″ Bee sketch book.


11 Responses to “May 20, 2012”

  1. jeighdeigh Says:

    I really like this one — composition, tones, a refreshing absence of color so that I can pay better attention to the line work.

    • way cool on the spot work LInda. sometimes i leave the original sketch as is (light in this case as you say) and do another so i can tweak it the way i want to when i’m in a different lighting. fun fun to do what you are doing. or of course then another with watercolor washes. and another… ha. you have an inspirational resource in your sketchbook with lots of possibilities. yeah, fun. aloha.

    • Thank you! I enjoyed doing this sketch because the site was so complex and beautiful…lots of activity around too. I loved the experience.

  2. Chris Carter Says:

    Exquisite drawing!

  3. judy Says:

    Love the various shapes of the landscape elements. Such an interesting drawing. What a grand trip you had, Linda!

    • Thanks Judy. I really had fun with this one. I don’t show it but there were three men standing in front of me doing exercises as I worked. Maybe I should have included them – a little human interest?

  4. Carol King Says:

    Another beautiful sketch. I may be prejudiced, but this is really lovely.

    • Central Park is so special. The friend I went with makes fun of me because I kept talking about wanting a hot dog from a hot dog stand. While sketching I got an ORGANIC hot dog at a stand in Central Park. I met her later at the Met and she said OK, time to get your hot dog. Shock set in when I told I had already succumbed and the dog was organic. She’ll never let me live it down!

  5. Great perspective, I love this one

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