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March 23, 2012 March 25, 2012

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Indiana is enjoying an early Spring – days in the 70’s and 80’s, warm breezes and sunshine. It has been a real pleasure to walk Buffy and Baxter around the neighborhood. We have a huge number of flowering trees and the bulbs are bursting out of the ground with color and dancing movement. My newest painting is inspired by these beautiful, fragrant Spring days.

Spring 2012

This painting had several new challenges for me. First of all, I found this partially use sheet of illustration board in my stash of watercolor papers. As you probably know the surface of illustration board is has different characteristics than watercolor paper – hard, slick and not very absorbant… but very interesting to work with and learn from. Additionally it was an almost perfect square – 19″ X 20″ – a size and share I had never used for this technique. Overall, fun AND a real opportunity to learn. Forces to me think! (PS I’m painting when I should be mowing my rapidly growing grass…oh well, priorities I guess…)



13 Responses to “March 23, 2012”

  1. Ruth Bailey Says:

    Beautiful painting, Linda! I like the textures and the granulations and the way you weave the darks and lights across the page. There’s a lot of calm motion in this piece.
    And the grass will still be there when the paint is dry!

  2. judy Says:

    Gorgeous! I want to put my hands in it! Hail the hardy blades of green, multiplying up down and sideways, never letting the lawn mower cool off for long.

  3. jeighdeigh Says:

    Just lovely. I really like the way you made the blacks (I think it’s black) work in this.

    • Thank you JD! The darks are actually ultramarine and cobalt violet but they are layered over other colors so they come out very close to black. I use these colors because they have more life than black.

  4. Ryan P Says:

    I’m happy to see your new painting and reading that you are loving spring.

  5. artimagica Says:

    I am always baffled as to how you create these unique and beautiful works of art. They are so lovely!

  6. lesliepaints Says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful painting, Linda. I lke the speckling of white showing through some of the circle forms and throughout. Has anyone mentioned bubbles? I am sure my Granddaughters would come up with that and jump for joy with all the tantalizing color you have used to create these.

    • Bubbles haven’t been mentioned but I frequently think about bubbles – like my last stages painting. The inspiration was nature and I can’t think about nature withour bubbles, and brews and breezes. Also Spring in this post definitely made me think of bubbling with happiness.

  7. uloboridae Says:

    I was scrolling down your blog and this just jumped out at me, it’s so gorgeous! I may not be familiar with your work, but whatever new techniques you did, you seemed to have pulled them off quite well. I’m reminded of Disney’s Fantasia actually, along with the irridescense of bubble film.

    By the way, I have a friend that uses nothing but illustration board for her watercolor pictures. I’m thinking a Strathmore type, but I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, she often uses watercolor pencil on that paper type, so if you need to use up the board that might be an easier way to use it.

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