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February 27, 2012 February 28, 2012

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Well, my friends, I am still struggling with my sumi-e and have messed up several paintings. I have found that newsprint works really well as practice paper and have decided that I need to work smaller right now. So I took a detour while I regrouped.

Last Friday, I did a Painting and Poetry tour for a middle school class. It was an incredible tour. They were studying poetry so all of them had read poetry, over half of the kids write poetry and when I asked for volunteers to read poetry I had more volunteers than poems to read. Unheard of! One of the poems inspired me to pull out a sheet of watercolor board and to start painting again. The poem is Sunflakes by Frank Asch and here are the first few lines:

If sunlight fell like snowflakes

gleaming yellow and so bright,

We could build a sunman

We could have a sunball fight

As I painted I began to think about sunlight flowing like water and, because I was starting with my “Krasner colors” of magenta and sap green, about Hawaii and the beautiful waterfalls we saw while in Hawaii. This led to light falling like a waterfall. Anyway – enough – here is Sunfall.

Sunfall - Watercolor on Full Sheet of Arches Watercolor Board



14 Responses to “February 27, 2012”

  1. Chris Carter Says:

    Gorgeous! I find myself doing somersaults into its depths.

  2. judy Says:

    Makes me smile and say “Oh yeah!”

  3. I love it, fresh and the movement in the middle… wonderful!

  4. Linda Loper Says:

    Linda, I just loved this so very much that it made me run for my watercolors! You inspire me always. Thanks!

  5. hannekekoop Says:

    They’re both beautiful, Linda, the painting and the poem. Warming.

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