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December 18, 2011 December 18, 2011

I want to thank all of my friends in the blogging world for your kindness and for sending blessings, prayers and positive thoughts our way. It has been a very trying and challenging period for us. To make a long story short I will tell you only that in the last two and a half weeks Ken has been in two hospitals and last Thursday he was admitted to inpatient hospice. His pain was uncontrolled and he has refused to eat and drink. At the hospice they have adjusted his pain management plan and he is painfree at this time. We have had two and a half days of comfort, quiet and peace. If this continues he will probably come home Monday afternoon. Hospice will be with us from here on out and they are wonderful and the facility is homelike and incredibly peaceful and comfortable.

I have only had the energy to do one drawing. It is in colored pencil and as you can see was done several days ago. It is my little Sami girl and I am still trying to capture the fact that she glows with light.

Sami Girl Redux in Colored Pencil

I don’t know how often I will be able to post. Ken will have my attention from here on out. Thank you all again for your kindness, generosity and support.



12 Responses to “December 18, 2011”

  1. Linda,
    I am so sorry that Ken is losing his struggle. My husband had 2 cancers, one very difficult; his treatment ended 3 years ago, but he recovered. My heart is with you. I will be praying for both of you. Your Sami girl is beautiful, as are you.

  2. jerened Says:

    My prayers are with you at this time.

  3. I’m so sorry. I know that you both are doing your best. I hold you both in my heart.

  4. Nuno Says:

    Linda, I’m so sorry. I keep sending my positive thoughts to you both.

  5. allicette Says:

    All my love and thoughts.

  6. Chris Carter Says:

    My heart and thoughts are with you both. You are so fortunate to have one another, to hold hands, to sit quietly together, cherishing the times you have had and the time you still have together.

  7. Jonathan Day Says:

    So very sad to read this post. You have been so brave. I hesitate to offer any suggestions, but it seems to me that if you can still somehow find time to draw, or paint, that might be a good thing. I will be thinking of you both, and hoping for the best in whatever time remains.

  8. lesliepaints Says:

    Am sending love and light your way through my prayers, Linda.

  9. Carol King Says:

    Hi Linda, another excellent drawing of the Sami girl.

    I haven’t been on the blogs for a few weeks, so I was very surprised to read this post. Please know that I am sending my thoughts and prayers to you and Ken.

  10. ruthsartwork Says:

    I am so sorry to read this Linda. I am glad that you have hospice support. They were wonderful with my father-in-law last December when he was going through much the same thing. You and Ken will be in my thoughts.

  11. Stacia Says:

    Just read this today . . . my prayers continue to be with you and Ken. The Sami girl reminds me of your own sparkling eyes, which I’m sure are a daily uplift for Ken.

  12. hannekekoop Says:

    Linda, my thoughts are with you and your husband.

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