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November 17, 2011 November 18, 2011

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Yesterday was a long day. Ken’s first treatment was at 9:30 and, with all the testing done yesterday, we did not leave the Cancer Center until 4:00 in the afternoon. I took several magazines and some drawing materials. I just bought a new set of Sharpie markers. I wanted a set with pastel colors. Whew! let me say their pastels are not soft pastel colors! They are intense…anyway I had the latest National Geographic magazine with me and it has an article about the Sami people that herd reindeer in Norway. The article opens with a photograph of a beautiful young girl. She is bundled up in a scarf and is full of light. Incredible! Using my markers I did this drawing. I tried to lighten it this morning with white watercolor paint with so-so results. Anyway, I loved doing this one and learned how to layer these strong markers. Fun, distracting and challenging. Hope you have a copy of the magazine to see the remarkable original.

Sami Girl - Copied from National Geographic Magazine



8 Responses to “November 17, 2011”

  1. artimagica Says:

    Oh my gosh! I read that article and you did a beautiful rendering of the girl. I recognized her immediately and it was a lovely photograph. Your rendition is spot on!

  2. Linda Halcomb Says:

    Thank you! I may try it again with my watercolors. The girl actually looks like one of my granddaughters.

  3. lllopera Says:

    Love the result of the marker/watercolor combo. Doing marker first and then coming in with the watercolors after gave you a brilliant effect.

  4. Carol King Says:

    Hi Linda, I did see that picture and think you did an amazing job with sharpie markers. Other than black to draw, I was never good with markers. What you did with them is great.

    Good luck to Ken with his treatments.

  5. I too subscribe to National Geographic, you have a nice touch Linda. I keep you and yours in my thoughts.

  6. I should have mentioned I started my professional work as a creative visualiser in an advertising agency. We used markers all the time, I think that’s where I developed my style (or lack of). Your portrait was stunning.

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