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November 1, 2011 November 1, 2011

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Ken was admitted to the IU Hospital on Saturday night. His problem is not caused by his cancer but is complicated by his cancer. He has arthritis in the base of his spine and a cyst, neither of which we knew about. The arthritis has thickened his bones and made them twist and has caused slippage. The nerves are now being pushed into the cyst and are being compressed. This led to childbirth level pain. They are making rapid progress with his treatment and he is likely to be released tomorrow. I tried two little paintings in my watermedia sketchbook and they were both disasters with a capital D…totally uninspired and UGLY! Today I did a third (never give up!) and while not perfect it is A-OK for something done between therapy sessions, visits from doctors and nurses interrupting to complete their many duties. I appreciate them all! This harks back to my earlier Music Drawings done in graphite. I always wanted to try color…

Music 4



8 Responses to “November 1, 2011”

  1. Chris Carter Says:

    Your transformation of painful, heavy and worrisome experiences into joyful, light and energetic expression is quite amazing. Through your art, through your blog posts, you and Ken have a multitude of people neither of you have ever met sending positive energy your way.

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      Chris, your comment really lifted me. I was at the hospital feeling very stressed and alone when I read it. Thank you!

  2. Harriett Smith Says:

    I look at this picture and see a triumph of mind over matter. The colors and swirls are so bright, energetic and positive, and I know there are times during your day that is not always how you are feeling. You are an inspiration, Linda. Your art transforms your experiences!

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      Harriett, when Ken is sleeping I love drawing and “coloring”. It allows me to listen and stay present while floating in a sea of design and color. I choose primary colors because they are happy colors for me. Thank you my friend!

  3. I am totally amazed that in such a terrible time, you were able to produce such an image of such joy and light and movement and it is just beautiful to behold. I’m so sorry to hear about Ken’s problems, and I hope that he is feeling better soon. All my best.

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      He is at home now and the pain is being managed pretty. He now has to rebuild his strength and balance. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it.

  4. My goodness, my heart goes to you and Ken, and prayers for fast recovery. Stay strong and keep expressing yourself through your wonderful art!

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      Thank you Ryan. Ken is at home now and the pain is being managed pretty well. He is tired and feeling the effects of chemo he had last Thursday so he is tired and sleeping alot. He started PT and radiation theraphy next week. One foot in front of the other!

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