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September 7, 2011 September 8, 2011

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I painted another ATC in watercolor. I love the color and shape of cherry tomatoes and I have MANY ” models” in my garden right now. Too bad I eat them faster than I draw them! Anyway here is “Cherry Tomatoes 2”. I think it is interesting that I keep typing “Cheery Tomatoes”. What do you think that means?

Cherry Tomatoes 2 - ATC

I also have ATC size paper in Illustration Board and Bristol Board. I think my next piece may be done using colored pencil. I haven’t done anything in colored pencil for quite a while and it should be fun.


10 Responses to “September 7, 2011”

  1. They are cheery, Linda. Tomatoes are the gift for the summer heat…and you really had a lot of heat. I love fresh tomatoes from the garden. Beautiful red.

  2. ruthsartwork Says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to find things in the garden to paint? And then you get to eat it! I think ATCs are so much fun. They make a wonderful break from the larger works. I’ve been using them as gift tags too. If you get a ATC sleeve, you can punch a hole in it and attach a ribbon. I also put in a paper behind to write on so that the card is not damaged.

    • I always put my ATC’s in little envelopes is that the same thing as the sleeve you describe? Anyway I’m with you…they ARE fun and would make nice gift tags. I have even put an info sheet in some of the pieces I’ve done.

  3. Love the colors you used ! It’s so charming and delicate… It makes me want to have a cute little garden!

    • My garden is a 4′ X 4′ raised bed. It is amazing how much you can get from such a small space. This year I’ve had tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, two kinds of lettuce, spinach, rainbow swiss chard, carrots and 4 kinds of herbs. Yummy!

  4. Sue Brown Says:

    You obviously have ‘green fingers’ Linda … I’m inspired to start growing some fruit and veg in the garden too.

  5. Good enough to eat Linda. Very few of ours have ripened in time, so we’ve boxed several dozen waiting for them to turn. Lovely work.

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      Our weather is still fairly warm so the tomatoes are ripening slowly. I am going to make some fried green tomatoes at the end of the season and I slice green tomatoes and put them in a light vinegar pickling liquid and eat them. Their not really pickled it just helps them stay fresh for a week or so and gives them a nice tang.

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