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August 30, 2011 August 31, 2011

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I just completed my second Chemo painting. I did this one on a sample of Waterford 140# CP paper that was given to me by a retiring docent. I like this paper. It held up well and didn’t ripple or buckle. For this super wet technique I don’t like the surface as well as the Lana and Kilimanjaro – too much sizing. This a small painting – maybe 8″ X 10″. The subject is scary but I think you can tell I also feel hope.

Chemo 2

Ken is holding up reasonably well. He is very tired and weak. The low point for his red and white blood cells will be over the weekend. I hope he begins gaining his energy and strength back next week. This Chemo is given on a three week cycle.


14 Responses to “August 30, 2011”

  1. Betsy Wills Says:

    I like your work and your titles….very nice.


  2. Cassie Bouska Says:

    These are amazing!

  3. Linda, your gamut of emotions are present in each and every painting. How could they not be there. My prayers are always with you both. It must be very rough. Lana is my favorite paper. I am presently painting so many aceo cards and I must do them on arches. 300 lb arches is the highest quality I can find unless I cut my own. I know that I would soon hate cutting them, so I buy them as already cut blanks, Have a great day.

  4. Zeinab-Art Says:

    Dear Linda! your beautiful abstract painting will give him enough energy to recover, he will be better …

  5. I hope all will be better soon, life can deal us some pretty crappy cards sometimes. All cancer patients are in my prayers and a cure for all I hope will soon be here. These are incredible paintings no matter what size. I hope to take you up on that tour someday, my wife has visited Indy several times this year, but I have had to many Mommy-does on my list this year. Your in my prayers!

  6. Thank you Ryan. I am convinced they will begin to find ways to stop cancer progression soon. And I hope for a cure. Our oncologist has said he has new options to offer his patients every year. We see a doc at the IU Medical Center and I believe that if you have advanced, aggressive cancer a teaching, research center is the best place to be.

  7. hannekekoop Says:

    A wonderful painting. There is so much to see in it.

  8. lesliepaints Says:

    Wishing a boost of energy for Ken, Linda. The red in this captures my eye right away. I like Waterford and would paint on it but Arches is more affordable and accessible.

    • I like Arches for traditional watercolor. Like you said it is easy to find and affordable, comes in blocks (which I like) and has multiple surfaces and white colors. The sizing is just a little heavy for my abtracts and I am not good at stretching paper so I have trouble with buckling.

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