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August 13, 2011 August 14, 2011

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In Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest lives a rare creature. The members of the Gitga’at First Nation call it mooksgm’ol, the spirit bear. Mooksgm’ol is a walking contrdiction – a white black bear. It is not an albino but a form of mutation that is also known as the Kermode Bear. The bear is a cream color and is particular successful at hunting salmon, who seem to be less concerned about white objects seen from below the surface of the water. These bears cluster on Princess Royal and Gribbell Islands  off the coast of British Columbia. They have been protected for hundreds of years by the indigenous Tsimshian people (The Gitga’at are one of 14 bands that make up the Tsimshian) who revere them and consider it taboo to discuss them. I learned all this and more from the lead article in National Geographis this month. This painting is an ATC. I love to paint ATC’s to give to family members with their cards at Christmas time. They get an original (if small!) watercolor painting along witrh my love during that festive season.  I will hate to part with this one.

Mooksgm'ol - The Spirit Bear



14 Responses to “August 13, 2011”

  1. Lovely bear painting and very interesting information. Someone will be delighted to receive him as a gift.

  2. Chris Carter Says:

    Spectacular. Lucky family member, whoever receives this one!

    • Thank you Chris. Like you I cherish time with my family but art or being an artist is kind of outside of their realm of practical everyday life. This helps pull them into the place where I spend a lot of my time. Helps us relate to one another.

  3. Teri C Says:

    All your paintings are so beautiful and colorful. I just enjoyed a look through.

  4. Beth Parker Says:

    Someone is going to be very happy this Christmas, Linda! This is beautiful!!!

  5. lesliepaints Says:

    I did not know about the Kermode Bear. Thank you for that. Beautiful ATC and I think it could even double as a Christmas card. 🙂

  6. Carol King Says:

    thanks for sharing this fascinating information. And thanks too for sharing this absolutely beautiful bear painting. It’s full of life and light.

  7. Barry Coombs Says:

    I love the broad brushstrokes and the varied greens you use to set off the bear.

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