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July 24, 2011 July 25, 2011

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More hot weather but Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be cooler – only in the high 80’s. Who could have known the high 80’s would be a “cool spell”? I’ll take the break though!

My last painting was about the explosive emotions generated by this hot, hot, hot weather. This newest painting is related more to the heat itself and how heat creates heat waves rippling across the landscape. The blue and purple areas are inspired by the haze hanging over everything. The particluates in the atmosphere are creating beautiful sunrises full of purples, pinks and lavenders. Some beauty is coming from the extreme conditions. Glad I haven’t lost perspective and can still see it!

100 Degree Summer




17 Responses to “July 24, 2011”

  1. lesliepaints Says:

    Sultry, Linda. You pulled it off! I especially like those purples of the haze.

  2. Could be another planet with multiple suns. Very hot hot hot. I’m going to have to look at some blue to cool off.

    • eaglewing12 Says:

      Now you have said that I see a landscape. Did you aim for that Linda? Or was it just my imagination? I wonder what would happen if you tried to abstract a landscape – something to try; goodbye – I’m off to my workbench.

    • I love these colors and they feel hot to me. It is a challenge for me to mix orange and magenta and make it look right but I think this came out OK. Was certainly a learning experience.

  3. It’s pretty bad when a guy has to go to Florida to cool off, but I did. This is a perfect painting to represent the heat and humidity of Indiana, it’s making me sweat just looking at it!

  4. Beth Parker Says:

    Wow! This is gorgeous, Linda! I can feel the heat. I’m glad you can still appreciate the beauty of a hot sunset! We’re melting here, too.

  5. Michele Emma Says:

    Love your work!

  6. Sue Brown Says:

    Beautiful painting from not so beautiful conditions: can’t imagine how you cope in those temperatures.

  7. ruthsartwork Says:

    It is so hot here too in southern Indiana. This is a wonderful expression of a very hot summer. I love the rich colors.

  8. mobius faith Says:

    Nice range of colors here. Applied well. Beautiful image.

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