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July 5, 2011 July 6, 2011

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First painting done on my new drawing table. It is on my 6″ X 8″ Fluid Watercolor block and was painted with W&N watercolor paints. It was inspired by the compass flowers you see in the woods and fence rows of Indiana.

Summer Gold




8 Responses to “July 5, 2011”

  1. Gary Gray Says:

    I wish I was this good at using Love the flowers and the different shades of yellow/orange that brighten the entire picture..

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      I think I capture the gold this time! It is always fun to work with one primary color in all its variety, in this case yellow. I learn alot.

  2. lesliepaints Says:

    Summer gold!!! Hope it was fun painting in the new space.

  3. Zeinab-Art Says:

    more valuable than Gold!

    • Linda Halcomb Says:

      Thank you so much! Like you I am having fun with flowers right now. Hope to be able to paint more soon.

  4. this painting gives me the feeling of liquid and blossoms dripping – so much so that it makes my mouth water. way fun Linda. way cool on a new space/table to work on. …and to heck with tidy – paint free. splat it down. a lot. messy is well explored and juicy fun. imo. bwahahahahaaha – cool. aloha.

  5. artimagica Says:

    Linda – this is beautiful. So summery!

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